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I have thought about Daniels Notebook for some time now and I wanted to get other peoples ideas about it.

In 1977, Daniel-from-the-future shows up at The Others camp demanding to speak to Eloise. Eloise shoots him and finds his Notebook. In it is a message to Daniel from his mother, to which Eloise recognises the handwriting as her own.

When Eloise is off island, and as Daniel grows up, she pushes him towards a life of physics. During his time at Oxford Eloise gives Daniel a Notebook for him to write his research in.

The question is this: Is this Notebook the exact same that Eloise found on him in 1977 (ie. already full with his research), or is it a blank Notebook which eventually becomes the Notebook Eloise found on him in 1977?

The first scenario could explain why Daniel often seems to “forget” what is written there (eg. “If anything goes wrong Desmond Hume will be my constant”, and what he read when Charlotte started having nose bleeds).

The thing that really points me toward this scenario though, is the fact that when Dr Chang went to The Orchid Station as there was an emergency, Daniel was waiting outside with Miles, and as soon as Dr Chang arrived he looked at his Notebook and said “Right on time”.

This wasn’t an ordinary day. It wasn’t as if Dr Chang worked 9-5 and Daniel was just waiting for him to turn up at 8.55am. This was a day when Dr Chang shouldn’t have gone to the Orchid at the time he did.

So why was it in Daniels book?

If this scenario is true, this also leads us to the question of how did the writing get there in the first place? If it is indeed the exact same Note Book that Eloise found on Daniel in 1977, where did the original writing come from?

It’s a chicken and egg scenario which could send us around the bend constantly. How did Daniel know Dr Chang would be there at that time; It must be because it’s the exact same book Eloise found on him in 1977; But if it is then how did the writing get there; That must mean it isn’t the exact same book; But if it isn’t the exact same book how did Daniel know Dr Chang would be there at that time… and so on and so on.

Another point I’d like to make about this Notebook is the fact that Eloise knows an awful lot about what happens in the future, up until the day she sends Jack and co. back to the island. I feel this is because there are things written in the Notebook about certain events. Perhaps Eloise had written them to herself knowing full well she’ll read them when she finds his Notebook. Paradox-ish? Maybe. Crazy? Definately.

I also believe that part of the reason Eloise is so adamant that things can’t change is the fact that she saw first hand someone trying to change the past and fail. I believe that Jack and co. fail to destroy the island and Eloise realises that no matter how you try to change the past, you will fail. This is why, even though she knew she’d kill her own son, she pushed Daniel to a life of physhics which eventually leads him to the Island.

Whatever Happened, Happened.

Back to the Note Book, and the second scenario. If the Note book that Eloise gave to Daniel at Oxford is a blank Note book, will the one she found in 1977 suddenly cease to exsist? Or will there simply be 2 copies of the same book?

If it is a blank Note Book perhaps Eloise wrote some notes in there for Daniel when he started to lose his memory. Perhaps that is how Daniel knows when Dr Chang will arrive at the Orchid? But how does Eloise know what time Dr Chang will be there?; Because it was written in the original Note Book; But who wrote it in the original Note Book?; Eloise; But HOW?

Any thoughts or theories to add to this? I’d love to hear everyone elses ideas about the wonder that is Daniels Notebook.

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20 thoughts on “Daniels Notebook

  1. This is a great question and well explained.

    So we have the notebook, the compass, (and maybe John’s knife) going in endless chicken and egg circles….

    I can’t offer a solution other than maybe the avoidance of these circles has something to do with the potential ALT scenario.

  2. Believe the notebook was given blank and filled in over time. When he broke his conscious free of time and sent it to the future he would fill it in w/experiences – adding a lot more when he went to AA in the 1970s.

  3. The notebook seems quite new when Eloise gives it to Dan at Oxford. I think he knows bits about where and when people are going to be from his time in Ann Arbor. We know he was experimenting with consciousness time travel, so it seems reasonable to assume he continued that in the 70s, focussing on how to change to incident so that Charlotte doesn’t die. He could time skip into his own head from the future to know some details.
    On the two journals, once we get to the time that Eloise gives him the frash one, yes there would be 2.

  4. I cant express how much I like this…I am not a full “What happened happened” as I seem to be as of late on the site, I just believe it will play out differently.

    But this…this is a great theory.
    So well explained and easy to picture as you are describing these things.

    Im a paradox man myself, and I love the one you lay out for us here.

    First theory here if I am correct?

    Very nice work Trinity…

  5. I always thought it pretty strange that right after Dan told Jack and Kate the importance of variables in changing things he gets shot by his mother in a WHH situation.
    I’m pretty sure the notebook was blank. So how he knew about Chang I’m not sure. I think Daniel wrote stuff in his diary while he was experimenting with conciousness travel that he didn’t even remember writing afterward. But why would he put that in there? What little we know about that form of travelling from watching Desmond is that you inhabit a former or future you. So the whole thing is a paradox. He shows up at the Orchid because of something he wrote in the future so Farday of the future can “view” it and write it in the notebook? I don’t know if that even makes sense!

  6. Maybe he showed up in his 1977 consciousness and asked sombody what time Chang got to the Orchid the day before? If he knew when they were going to hit the EM at the pre-swan, it would make sense that he’d want to find out as much about the events leading up to it if he was going to do anything to change it.

  7. YoJimbo, thought that at the time – he knew what Chang had in mind.

    Dan’s Constant – he was off off-island after consciousness time travel … so he must not have met Des in past ‘travel’, begging the question – how did he know Des was his constant?

  8. Hey everyone. Thanks for all your responses.

    I guess the popular thought here is that Daniel experimented on himself by sending his consciousness to the past/future to when he was on the island.

    I guess this can also explain whey Daniel was crying when he saw the footage of Oceanic 815 on the TV, because during his experiments he’d sent his consciousness back/forward to a time when he was on the island, and even though he can’t fully remember, there’s something in his head that this footage has triggered.

    Yojimbo – your thought about Daniel sending his consciousness to the day after this happened would only work if there is actually an ALT timeline (which I know you’re a believer of). I’m on the WHH boat, and so I think this is impossible as of course, Daniel would be dead at that point.

    A.E.S. You’re correct, this is my first post here. And it won’t be the last 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words everyone 🙂

  9. maybe he didn’t go back the day after, yes he’d be dead, maybe just later that day? That wouldn’t be affected by an alt or not. On Des being his constant, isn’t that what Dan did by sending Des to visit him in Des’s mind skips. Dan knowing that he would need a constant, purposefully setting that up in the past retrospectively, that’s why Des will be your constant was in his journal, it had already happened and dans memory loss explains why he didn’t remember des

  10. just a quick question because i can’t remember myself, is the diary similar to that compass thing that Locke has? ie. it is an item that is getting continously passed on to various time periods?

  11. I_Am_Jacob: If the book that Eloise gives to Daniel is brand new then no, there will just be 2 copies of it eventually.

    If it’s the exact same book then yes, it will be a similar situation to the compass.

  12. trinity, this reason i asked is because if were just like the compass which in relation to it being passed indefinately through time, it would be interesting to know who actually wrote it.

  13. If the notebook wasn’t skipping w/him each time he skipped through time he could have used it as his constant – which is why I believe it went w/him AND he filled it in with each trip.

  14. Hi Trinity, there is a picture of the ‘new’ Journal Eloise gave to Daniel on Lostpedia.

    The writers have stated, emphatically that they will not be addressing any paradoxes, as from a story telling point of view would be extremely difficult to explain, so they are going to ignore that.

    I have to believe that as S6 progresses, that we will be provided with enough information to satisfy our questions in a general sort of way, so it makes some kind of overall sense to viewers. At least, that is what I am hoping for.

    Nicely written and presented!

  15. Since 1977 and the incident occurs before Daniel is born, then maybe the events of that fateful day were communicated to him sometime during his life. They may even be in the notebook.
    John Locke once told Jack “What if everything that happens here, happens for a reason.” I think the same is true for the story and writing of Lost.
    They gave Daniel memory problems for a specific reason. I think it is so that he doesn’t remember important things till he spends some time on the island. Maybe the reason he went to Ann Arbor is because he suddenly remembered some very important facts.
    I think that explains how he knew Chang arrived at the Orchid at 8:55.
    It would be like me knowing that Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963. It was because it happened in the past and I read about it or somebody told me about it.

  16. Just to add a pebble to this landslide, how about Locke (#2) knowing exactly what time Locke (#1) would be sitting with a bullet wound at Yemi’s plane in 2007? If I’m not mistaken he actually checks his watch…

    And in regards to Faraday, what if he was previously told about the events of 74-77 by his Mother, or Father, and jotted them in his book along the way… If we all have trouble trying to wrap our heads around all of this time travel stuff, imagine what was going on in his mind up until he returns to the Island in 2004.

    Maybe we just are not privy to that information yet – its basically the Ace Card that the Writer’s have in their back pocket. In the opening of Season 6, all they have to show us is a few bits & pieces of missing information from a few of the charater’s pasts and Blammo! All our conjecture on this site is thrown at the fan…

    Sorry if I ruined the party, but we honestly can not draw straight story lines over gaps of ommitted information.

  17. “Sorry if I ruined the party, but we honestly can not draw straight story lines over gaps of ommitted information.”

    Eh, what are you doing at this site? 😉

  18. I apologize for stating the obvious… this is truly a fun site, and most people on it seem to be devout LOST fans. I guess I’m as frustrated as the rest of you here… I can’t wait until Tuesday when the writers send us into a completely different direction than we ever thought possible. Chow for now!

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