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Ok, so I know alot of you are all for an Alt Timeline to be the major story of Season 6. I am not 100% against the idea. I do think it would be a bit OTT, and it would leave less episodes to answer the other bigger mysteries on the island. However, if it were to go down that route I think it would be interesting to see. That being said, I’m still all for WHH… but I think I’ve expressed my views on that alot over the past week or so.

So, the point of this thread is to get an insight into how the Alternate Timeline would play out if it were to happen.

So, from my understanding of everyones theories is that Jack is successful in detonating the bomb and that prevents The Swan from being built. It also kills everyone who shouldn’t have been in the 70s in the first place (Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Miles, Juliet, Jin – am I missing anyone?)

So this event causes an alternate timeline: one where Oceanic 815 doesn’t crash on the island.

My first question is: when the bomb blows up in 1977 wouldn’t that timeline continue? If so, would Jack, Kate etc. still be in that timeline but not on the island, or would they be in a completely different timeline; one where they couldn’t have been on the island in the first place? Therefore, wouldn’t that in turn cause 3 alternate timelines?

Timeline 1: The original timeline
Timeline 2: One where Flight 815 doesn’t crash
Timeline 3: The one still exsisting after the H-Bomb blows up


Anyhow, onto my next question: If Flight 815 doesn’t crash, I persume all the events leading up to people boarding the plane are still the same as the original timeline? So what does this mean for Jin and Sun? Jin died near The Swan in the 70s so there’s only 1 Jin – but what about Sun? Wouldn’t there be 2 Suns? If the timelines have to “converge”, would one of the Suns have to die?

Some of you also claim that there are two John Locke’s on the island because one of them is from an alternate timeline. How is that possible? The Locke we saw who took Ben to Jacob remembered everything that had happened from the Oceanic Crash up til Ben “killed” him, so if he were from an alternate timeline how would he know this? The Locke who Ilana found is dead, so surely that’s the same Locke who Ben killed and not one from an alternate timeline.

Please fill me in, or point me in the direction of some theories that explain these scenarios.

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12 thoughts on “Alt Timeline Questions

  1. What you are describing as timeline 2, is just an event that happens in 2004 of timeline 3. If the bomb goes off and splits time, the split happens in 1977. History as we have been shown already changes from then (Swan not built, no button, no 815 crash)
    But that wouldn’t be the only change, depending on the size of the blast it will impact the others and DI, how? who knows. This will then affect some of the losties etc… does Juliet get recruited, what about Widmore – Des and Penny? Is Christian (or his Dad) an other so daes that effect Jack and Claire. That’s why I think Jack… will die at the bomb site, so there is only one of each of them, I think we will see Sun die in the alt timeline but she wasn’t supposed to, so course correction kept her out of the 1970s and the Sun we see is from the original.
    The 2 Lockes, as events change from 1977, what if Richard succeeded in bringing Locke to the island in the new timeline, he tried quite a bit. The implications for that are quite huge. That explains how we can have 2 Lockes one from the original timeline but dead, the other from the alt living a different life.

    My reasons for thinking the timelines merged with the flash to the 70s are that there are 2 Lockes (if from different timelines, 2 of them would indicate a merge) Richard says he saw Jin etc… die. I think a few like Richard are able to distinguish between the two, has a bit more knowledge of what happened, but if they died, it seems the bomb went off which it didn’t do originally.

    While thinking about this, I had a new thought about the bunnies and Locke which I’ll try to put into a theory on its own. But, we’ve been shown through Miles that when you die, your consciousness stays around you. When new Locke is in close proximity to dead Locke, could there be a merging of their consciousnesses. It makes sense based on Miles’s abilities and it explains his knowledge about Ben and his confusion, disorientation on the beach.

    On answering the bigger mysteries, it actually gives the writers more opportunities to explain, if they do character flashbacks of the new timeline, they can use people like Widmore and Richard to talk to and explain the island to the Losties. It would make sense in the story that they would need help to understand what’s going on and gives the audience some island backstory at the same time.
    My main thoughts are the timelines split and changed from 1977 and they have already remerged together

  2. Tas, I’m still trying to digest what you said, but I just need clarification on one of the first things you said.

    “If the bomb goes off and splits time, the split happens in 1977. History as we have been shown already changes from then”

    So when the bomb goes off, Jack and co. remain on the island in this alternate timeline? But what about the whole point of them NOT crashing?

  3. I think they die in the bomb blast. The new timeline created by the blast has events that don’t lead to the 815 crash. Dan used the crash as an incentive for Jack, but it isn’t the only consequence of the change.
    There will be new versions of the losties killed by the bomb in the new timeline, with slightly different experiences from 1977 and no 815 crash.
    I feel that they will used Des-like flashes for these characters to ‘know’ that something isn’t quite right and to want to ‘fix it’. Hope this makes sense 😉

  4. I understand what you’re saying, but I still don’t quite get it.

    Surely the timeline we saw in the finale needs to continue onto the same timeline we saw from season 1 in order for Jack and co. to go back in time and detonate the bomb?

    If Oceanic 815 doesn’t crash then they can’t go back in time to detonate the bomb.

    So doesn’t this leave us with 3 timelines?

    1. The original timeline we’ve seen from Season 1 which continues after the detonation of the H-Bomb.

    2. The one where Flight 815 doesn’t crash.

    3. The one where Flocke, Sun etc. are now in 2007.

  5. The timeline that we have seen from season 1 is the result of the bomb NOT going off, they concreted it in, built the hatch, button pushing, 815 crash.

    The alt timeline occurs because the bomb went off this time, that is what is different and the bomb and energy split time. I think Yojimbo? taked about somthing called biurification??? when time splits to avoid a paradox. That’s why there needs to be tow timelines, one where the bomb didn’t go off and events happen the way we’ve seen them and another, running parallel where things are different. You can’t just change the 1 timeline because, yes you’d end up with a huge paradox.

    I think the timeline where Sun and frank are now is a merged timeline.

    I’ll try to draw a picture and scan it in when I get home from work as I can see where you are confusing what I’m saying but I don’t know how to explain it better, a diagram may help.

  6. Trinity, you bring up an excellent point. If the time split occurs in the incident, then that means Jack and company are in 1977 in both time lines. One where the bomb explodes and the one where it doesn’t.
    I am not sure that the time split occurs in 1977.
    Now that said, the island is a place where elements of both time lines can exist in my opinion.

  7. Also, although I believe the alt time line will occur, I am not a fan of it.
    If it is used to explain the whispers and seeing dead people, then the split will have to occur before The Incident.
    When Ben Linus first came to the island, he heard whispers and saw his dead mom. These events occurred about 1973.

  8. Ban – that’s exactly the reason why I’m questioning the alternate reality theories, because Jack and co. had to be there in 1977 in both timelines, and that just isn’t possible without 815 crashing.

  9. what i dont get is where this timeline split gets made. wouldnt daniel have told the losties to detonate the bomb on all timelines?

    what caused the alt timeline to form?

    like miles said. what happens if detonating the bomb actually created the incident.

  10. what im trying to get… is how/when did the alt timeline get formed.

    when they went back to 1977?
    when juliet woke up in the bottom of the shaft?
    when the bomb exploded

    but more importantly. how did the event not happen in the original timeline?

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