MiB off the island?

First time poster… so go easy.  Appologies if this has been posted before.

We all know that Jacob can travel off the island, but what about the MiB?  My thought is that he is able to travel off the island, and take the form of dead people to influence the Losties to follow his agenda.  I feel like this could play a big part in season 6 with Aaron.

When 815 takes off, life support is the only thing keeping Claires mom alive.  That life support is solely funded by Christian Shephard.  With the death of Christian, wouldn’t the funding stop?  If the funding stopped, wouldn’t Mrs. Littleton die?  That would be my thought…

However, the next time we see Carol Littleton, she is at the funeral of Christian Shephard healthy as a horse, and as we know, Kate eventually leaves Aaron with her.  Is it possible that MiB is inhabiting the body of Claire’s mom in order to get ahold of Aaron for a greater purpose?  Could MiB also take the form of a deceased Michael to coherse Walt to come back to the island?  In Season 1, these two seemed to play a large role and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it come around full circle.

Just my thoughts… let me know what you guys think!  Feel free to add to my rambling.

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5 thoughts on “MiB off the island?

  1. you know what? I like this idea….I know that Hurley met Jacob, but I don’t think Jacob touched him (that’s been discussed at great length on this forum). But he’s also been contacted and not touched by other dead Losties (Ana Lucia, Charlie, etc). That could have been MiB….for what purpose i don’t know, but it’s intriguing to think about…

  2. I think Aaron still plays a huge role in this. And yes, I think the idea about MIB being Ms. Littleton is great. It fits in with the whole thing with Claire hangin out with Christian Shephard in the cabin. MIB appears to her, and convinces her somehow to leave the group. Abonding her son, and making sure she doesnt raise him. What I dont get about that part is that Desmond says he sees Claire getting on the heli… oh well.

    As far as the dead people Hugo sees, I think those are either truly spirits, or they are Jacob. If they werent related to Jacob somehow, I think he would have been alarmed when Hurley says that he is seeing his dead friends, and wouldnt tell him that it is a blessing if it was possible MIB was behind it.

  3. I like this idea…I dont fully agree with it…but I am one of the people that talked about it before…Why not?

    My only thought is that from the S5 finale, it seems JACOB is the one who brings people to the island…could he have been conning Jacob?
    Could MIB have been making Jacob believe it was his idea to bring people there, all the while NEEDING people to be there…

    This makes you think…nice thought.

  4. I like the idea that ‘Clare’s Mum’ aint. Always wondered why Kate just hands off the baby to someone who claims to be Clare’s mom when the last she knew she was in a coma – but forgot about Christian funding her care. Interesting. (Great for a 1st post!)

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