‘Ive done everything you asked, so why did you do this?’

Recently i have been thinking about the Real John Locke and started to wonder, why?

for me it seems so upseting to think that he has put his undevided faith into something he doesnt understand, he copes with the island and its inhabitants; he wants to be a follower of Jacob and he will do anything to find out why he was brought to the island… only to be sent away from it and then be murdered at the hands of Ben. To return to the island as nothing but a shel while the ‘MIB’ steals his body and apparently his mind, to be used as a tool against Jacob (and Ben) it seems that Locke has been let down by everything.

I hope that its not the last we see of the Real John Locke.

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4 thoughts on “‘Ive done everything you asked, so why did you do this?’

  1. If you think about it Locke has spent his whole life being manipulated.

    He was conned into giving his father his kidney..
    He welcomed that undercover police man into his new home only to be screwed over..
    He’s told he has to murder his father in order to become an other..
    He’s led to believe he has some big purpose on the island and gets basically banished..
    Ben conned him into giving him info and then strangles him..
    His body is being used by somebody else..

    Ive probably left a lot out but i think even someone who isnt a John Locke fan could feel sorry for him!
    Poor guy 🙁

  2. I Love John Locke, I don’t care what has happened to him.

    As Richard said “What goes around, comes around” and the Locke we all know and love will ultimately get his shot!

    atleast in my perfect world.

  3. Locke is an amazing character and I find his “faith” in people, places, whatever – to be endearing.

    He and Juliet could have had a pretty rockin’ pity party together but instead both of their characters went out in sacrificial glory.

    I would love for both of them to get their well deserved redemption.

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