Sawyer kills his parents? Sawyer is his parents? Ewww

This is my first post and I’m not quite sure what my point is, please be gentle with me 🙂

But has anyone else noticed that the whole explanation of Sawyer taking on the con man who conned his parents’ name a little weak? Also would you become who destroyed your family?

I have a feeling that for some strange Lost-esque reason, Sawyer was able to go back in time, maybe season 6 and become this conman. Maybe the time-line was altered in such a way that he had to go back and make sure this occurred, hence resulting in some shifty timeloop.

I understand that Cooper admits to conning his parents, but this all seems a bit…convienient??

Another very unlikely thing. At one point in his flashbacks Sawyer was seeing a lady called Mary Jo. His mothers name was Mary. Had he conned her then causing her to be killed by…Sawyer’s dad? This is too incestrous and confusing even for me but hey I had fun with it 🙂

Please feel free to debunk to your hearts content 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Sawyer kills his parents? Sawyer is his parents? Ewww

  1. Butterfly…I cant tell you how much I like this!
    I honestly dont think its going to happen, but I love theories like this, I really do.
    Its one of those things that I really dont see them doing, but they could and it would be fantastic!
    I love the idea of manipulating the Losties back stories to create a better Lostie ;]

    I wrote a theory on how it would be funny if Desmonds son Charlie was actually a “blip” in the spacetime continuom and turned out to actually be Charles Widmore because Desmond got killed and for whatever reason, Penny had to give him her name…lol…it didnt fair too well.

    I know this is different, but the incestuous comments reminded me of it.

    I seriously had to check the theorist to make sure I didnt write it, lol…

    I really like how you dug up the name Mary, and pieced together the two characters…good thinking.

    Well, I can say that I hope that this, or something similar happens, and IF the plane lands in LA, we see a second chance of sort.

    Fun first theory, nice job!

  2. Maybe we’ll flash back to Locke’s flashback of Boone but he’ll be saying ‘Sawyer kills his parents. Saywer is his parents’ rather than ‘Theresa falls up the stairs. Theresa falls down the stairs’?

    I like your theory too – there is something in it. And there is definitely more to Saywer and his backstory, although it could be argued that we’ve seen everyone’s back story from their own perspective so who is to say that other characters aren’t being selective with what made them who they are?

    I think we’ll see different takes on what we’ve seen already and you’re right – Saywer’s story doesn’t quite have closure yet

  3. wow this is weirdly good haha!

    Buttt (yes theres always a but) why would Sawyer sleep with his mother?
    Ok i could definitely see it working from her perspective because she doesnt know what her son would look like but Sawyer would remember what she looked like right? AHH that would be creepy haha.
    Theres definitely something more to his story though

  4. I hope we get some explanation in season 6 of why everyone’s lives seem to be intertangled in so many ways. I suppose it might have a lot to do with time travels and Jacobian touches.

  5. I’m quite pleased with the reception of my 1st theory :).

    Thought about it a little more, IF it became true that Cooper did not con Sawyer’s mother (e.g. he was manipulated by someone to say it- the whole magic box thing is a bit weird after all), them this theory really could be true :/. Gross but true.

    One thing that makes me think this is the fact that Sawyer makes a big deal of “HER NAME IS MARY!” possible hint???
    I dont know who the guy who Sawyer killed befored 815 was, but lets ignore him, he spoils the fun :).

    God I hope I am not right and that Lost goes down the Jerry Springer route.

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