The Dharma Food Drop

Forgive me if this idea has been posted before; I am new to writing my own LOST theories.

What has always bugged me about Season 2 is the fact that the plane survivors found a batch of food dropped from the sky. This mystery has yet to be answered, although there is speculation that the food drop was intended so that the button-pusher down in the Swan would remain nourished and survive. However, this suggestion fails to explain the ominous “Quarantine” sign  on the hatch door, which, in my opinion would discourage anyone from wandering on the island and finding the food.

The implications of the Incident may shed light on the food drop mystery. Perhaps when the Losties blew up the hydrogen bomb, they were transported back to the future in an alternate universe. Suppose, for the sake of simplicity, that they land in Los Angeles, safe and sound. However, let’s say they land in 2004, since that is when Oceanic 815 crashed.

Assuming the Losties have recollection of the events that occurred on the island (in the alternate universe), they would be aware of their need for food and supplies. Since the island is not specifically in a location on earth, and is rather accessed by windows and time-travel, the Losties may have been the culprits dropping the food supplies over the island, so that they could survive! 

Again, this theory may have already been posted. It is simply an idea I have been contemplating.

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9 thoughts on “The Dharma Food Drop

  1. Interesting theory, but just practically speaking, if the Losties were going to drop themselves food, how would they have access to the DHARMA food? Wouldn’t it be just regular food? And why not drop in some guns n ammo while they’re at it?

  2. i think the food dropping then has something to do with the time displacement that was experience with the rocket faraday used…maybe the drop went through the wrong bearing and landed in the future…

  3. It could very well be that the Losties are dropping themselves food… we don’t really know where or when they’re going to end up… maybe it’s not all of them acting together. Who knows? One of them might end up in such a position to make the food drop. There was only one drop, right? So really it’s just that someone pushed the button once to make a food drop.

    I think the time displacement is used purposefully to make the drops happen at certain times even when the rest of the initiative is preoccupied… or dead, whatever the case may be.

  4. I don’t think it was the Losties – not that I have a better explanation. I’d like to think that Dharma thinks things are still going on there, but that wouldn’t explain the lack of communication…

  5. how do you explain the blast door coming down when the food drop occurs? Is there a signaling device on the drop that sets it off? how would the losties know about it/know the right code and frequency?

  6. For pallet drop enter 2-4.

    For station up-link enter 3-2.

    For mainland communication enter 3-8.

    For sonar access enter 5-6.

    Has there been an incursion on this station by the Hostiles? If so, enter 7-7.

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