My Suicide Mission

Everyone on the island is dead except Hurley.

Jack and Christian Shephard are the same person, just from different times.

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38 thoughts on “My Suicide Mission

  1. Yeah, that was the suicide part of my post… maybe not really a suicide but my credibility was horribly threatened! That was just a ridiculous idea I had last night rewatching The Incident when Jacob tells Hurley that he’s blessed that he can see the people he’s lost… the wording made me associate LOST with DEAD…

    The other part though… I used to think that Jack was an ass for telling Kate that he came up with this thing he does where he counts to five and sheds his fear when really it was Christian who came up with that… not only did Christian come up with that but Jack acted like a brat about it. Then I was trying to remember how many times we’ve seen Jack and Christian together while there were other people around… In the surgery (but the others don’t really seem to acknowledge Christian) and at the meeting where Jack outs Christian for being drunk during surgery. It’s funny that after that it’s Jack who develops the drugs and alcohol problems… maybe he was outing himself.

  2. In fact, most of the interaction between those two is done one on one… like on the beach before Jack’s wedding, when Jack gets the watch… maybe this is the real meaning behind the weirdness of Christians appearance in Jacks office after their rescue… when the smoke alarm went off… maybe it’s always been like that…

  3. (I figured you weren’t too serious about the post, just fun to think about).

    Such a good observation about Jack and his dad. BUT, Christian and Jack are also seen together at the group discussion that Jack follows him to. It’s during the episode of Jack’s suspicion of his wife sleeping with Christian. Jack loses it and pushes him or something.

  4. I think it’s interesting… I read the recap of that part of the episode on Lostpedia ( It’s interesting how Jack suspects that it’s Christian that Sarah is having her affair with. What if she’s having an affair on Jack… with Jack? A couple of lines from Sarah… “It doesn’t matter who is, it just matters who you’re not” and she tells Jack that Christians alcoholism is something for Jack to fix now.

    I’m going with this… Jack and Christian are the same person.

  5. Well, I’m not really saying they’re the same person like in a Fight Club kind of way… Christian is older Jack, kind of back from the future… I think maybe it’s a clue that the confrontations Jack has with Christian seem to come out as Jack struggling with something inside himself.

  6. Yeah… he’s there and Jack is arguing with himself even though he isn’t aware of it… Christian is talking as Jack with the luxury of hind sight. Jack looks at it like his dad is treating him like a child. Christian keeps saying “let it go” over and over about this thing with Sarah but Jack won’t listen. It’s almost like Christian is begging him to let it go… like he knows already that this is going to ruin him.

  7. So how does Christian’s father Ray reference his son, his sons’ shoes and how he did not approve of Christian marrying Jack’s mother.

    Jack also calls Ray grand-dad.

    Christian and Jack have a meeting with other doctors where Jack is to give a statement which he then retracts to say that Christian was drunk during the operation.

    Sawyer references having met Jack’s father.

  8. highbrow, I have also wondered at times if we are seeing ‘the dead’, so I can see how you arrived at this conclusion.

    When it comes to ‘the island’, ‘dead’ really is a relative term. Especially, when you consider reincarnation might be a factor.

    Not sure if Hurley is the only one who is alive though.

  9. And this would make Jack Claires father and Aarons grandfather…would Claires mother not recognize Jack as a younger Christian? Or his mother for that matter?

  10. This mostly started out as a joke… The Incident was on last night and I was just kind of watching from the kitchen while I was making my lunch and those two things jumped out at me. The way Jacob says “Well, you get to talk to people you’ve lost… seems like a pretty wonderful thing to me.”… that on top of something about the show that I think we all recognized at one point but have kind of let slip from our minds; that Hurley is a very important piece of the puzzle. I think that line is a bit of a tip off.

  11. I get it, its in fum…Im only asking the same questions I asked myself last year about the same thing.
    If you recall, I was pretty persistant about people on the island being others we know from different timeperiods…I never brought this up due to the answers to the questions I asked….

    I think Hurley, his gift, and even his Hoth are very important too, but I dont think everyone is dead…

  12. I don’t know, something about the island maybe? It’s pretty difficult to explain as someone who doesn’t believe they’re all dead… I was being facetious.

  13. I kind of like this idea that Jack and Christian are the same. I realized that it’s because it feels vaguely familiar. I think it’s because in the book version of Time Traveler’s Wife, the main character as an adult goes to his 8 year old self and teaches him how to pickpocket knowing that he needs to know how to pickpocket to help him survive. I’m not going to apply anything else as to how it works, but I can see how there would be a benefit and purpose to old Jack guiding young Jack if Jack in fact has such a significant role in the orchestrating major events surrounding the island and fate of humanity. (Read that “fate of humanity” as supposedly ultra dramatic, and somewhat tongue-in-cheek.)

  14. If I say “fate of humanity” with my tongue in my cheek it just comes out muffled.

    It would be funny if it turned out to be true… I’ve failed to make a believer out of myself but I don’t see it being impossible. It wouldn’t be the first time Jack pointlessly tried to change things in the past when he should know perfectly well that he can’t…

  15. Smart. Ass.

    Well considering how much of a control freak Jackie boy is, of all characters to exist as the same person although at different ages but in the same time line, it would be him.

    I don’t know if it’s so much changing the past as rectifying the timelines. (That’s my contribution in bringing your two ideas/theories together.)

  16. There are similarities between Jack and Christian. They are surgeons with an affinity for alcohol for one thing. But if Christian is Jack, who is Jack’s father? Or is it only Island Christian who is Jack?

  17. Kim, you know me… I can’t help but be a smart ass… does it make you feel any better that before I typed that I actually stuck my tongue in my cheek and said “fate of humanity” out loud at my desk at work?

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