This is in response to thoughts about previous civilizations that Dabs mentioned in my “Time and Tide” post. This is again based on “The Fall of Chronopolis.” I left this out of that post figuring that I could bring it up in comments if warranted. On further thought it can stand alone as a theory.

In “The Fall of Chronopolis” the Chronotic Empire seeks to extend it’s control and religion to all points in time. The Empire runs into trouble when it attempts to convert and conquer the Hegemony. They end up fighting a time war were attacks are actually attempts to alter the enemy’s past. By the end of the book it is learned that people in the future have actually isolated the tizme war of the Chronotic Empire and lets it play out over and over as an example of why time travel and changing the past is dangerous.

And so to maybe Lost is a cautionary tale. Perhaps the civilizations that were there before misused the Island and that is why they fell. And this may be Nemesis’ real disagreement with Jacobs. Nemesis may be more concerned with misuse of the Island’s properties and doesn’t want to open the door to further misuse. In the end maybe Lost is cautioning us to not misuse the tools and gifts we are given.

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12 thoughts on “Cautionary

  1. Hi Achalli, amongst many things, I feel that the Lost writers may also be making a moral/social statement to the viewers.

    We know from History that ancient civilizations have ceased to exist in the real world, without any reason as to why this occurred.

    It appears to be the same on ‘the island’, as we have seen remnants from former civilizations. Perhaps the knowledge they acquired was knowledge attained from ‘the island’ and eventually misused it and were destroyed.

    I don’t feel that we have to look too far, when considering the Dharma Initiative and their misuse of ‘the island’ and its special and unique qualities for further advancement of civilization.

    In fact, I would suggest that this was the reason why they were purged. The writers have been holding back this mystery for quite some time, and somehow I feel that part of the answer may relate back to that occurrence.

    Very nice theory!

  2. Many Ancient civilizations fell because of exploitation of either their natural resources and or technology… So, this is a very good possibility.

    I wrote a post on the old LT site that dealt with the war that existed on the island of Atlantis. A war broke out between two existing factions. One group was exploiting the islands properties and technology and the other group fought against that exploitation…

    So, I can definitely get behind you on this one. Very good thoughts…

  3. Excellent thoughts. MIB doesn’t seem too thrilled that people fight and corrupt, so I doubt he’s FOR all of that. I keep thinking he’s evil, and aside from wanting to kill Jacob, there’s really nothing evil about him. Agreeing with Dabs, very nice theory.

  4. Dabs, I totally agree with you about Dharma. They couldn’t drill themselves out of a wet paper bag. I hate wet paper bags.

    Elsewhere, I think I remember that post on the old LT site. You should preposterous it here. When I was on that site I used a different screen name.

    Chiefof16, good thoughts on Nemisis, both here and in other recent posts. IMO Nemesis is evil since he wants to kill Jacob just to win an argument.

  5. Technology is the root of all evil in many stories…and I feel this is no different.

    The hunger man has for power is also a common trait in evil…

    Many times it starts off as something good…then something may occur, and it could lead to catastrophy, because people dont know when to quit…manipulating time, traveling back to the past…next thing you know, they will build some ridiculous invention that runs beams of energy together to try and recreate the big bang…the whole world would want in on it…the best part…they would probably be crazy enough to try to do it ON the earth…

    This would probably cause no harm though…and after it fails…or doesnt…Im sure they would go after something bigger…knowledge is power you know…

    I love the idea of the DI being purged for this reason….genius!

    Good thoughts here. I like this idea a lot…Im going to start a post and I think something like this may fit in…its in fun…

  6. And then there are those of us who can’t seem to grasp the simple task of typing on a Droid and paying attention to what the predictive text is doing. Hence the word preposterous were the word repost should be in my last comment.

  7. That’s nothing AES, you should have seen what he almost typed in an e-mail to me. lol Good thing he caught it, cause I had my running shoes on….lol

  8. Power, greed, ego… just like the US Political system… I love the moral tales (like Dabs), not necessarily the religious corelations behind them though… still do not think MIB is evil though, can you blame him for wanted to stop this never ending cycle of killing on the Island? One sacrifice for many, is not a bad thing – although it reeks of christianity! Crap! I back to the religious overtones…

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