A.E.S.’s Easter Egg Hunt…

So we have seen a wide array of hidden references, clues and easter eggs inside of five seasons of Lost…

Now, lets save twenty million comments and NOT name ones we have seen in the past…

But what references…books, magazines, songs, records, games, etc… do you think we will see THIS sixth and final season on Lost?

For books, I would not be suprised to see…

-Ayn Rand, “Atlas Shrugged”

-“The Illuminatus Trilogy”

-or any of “The Wheel of Time” books…just for fun

For music…

-Anything by the Pixies…specifically a song that repeats “change” several times

-“If I could change the world”


-Zeus (if he didnt use that one…)

-Dr Who

-Dr Kavorkian (been waiting for this…may be an opportune time)

-Bruce Willis “sixth sense” (maybe Hurley or Miles)


-any kind of puzzle game (connect the dots by one of the children)

-fireball island


-Guess Who (ok, maybe not that one)

Im sure I will think of more…

What do you got…?

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

10 thoughts on “A.E.S.’s Easter Egg Hunt…

  1. I hope to see a Donnie Darko reference of some kind.

    There’s a similar style of story telling between this movie and LOST. They’re both insanely confusing, and deal with time travel.

  2. I definitely agree with you on the Illuminatus! Trilogy and would toss in its sequel Schrodinger’s Cat Trilogy

    Then there’s the book I’ve been pushing ever since I joined the site, The Fall of Chronopolis

    Folcault’s Pendulum

    The original The Prisoner TV series

    The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, but then the number 42 could be considered a reference

    I agree with Doctor Who also.

  3. Hi AES, I definitely hope we see more of Hurley and Miles’ antics, and we are introduced to some cool literary references.

    In the Canadian promo they have Willie Nelson singing a really cool version of “Amazing Grace”. I hope we get some really good tunes. I didn’t care for the 70’s music that much.

  4. Achalli, there is not a refereb=ncyou named that I disagree with…great thoughts.

    I have a lot to think about (and learn) about “The Fall…”…I will get back to that on your post…nice job

  5. I have no idea what “refereb=ncyou” means…but I believe I meant “reference you”…

    …and no…Im not on the phone…my fingers just went stupid or something…

  6. Amazing…Dabsi!!! Great catch on the song!

    I am hoping for some good music as well…I like the cheesy Lost music sometimes…and as much as I hated it…I could really use one of those season one “end of the show music montages” one more time before it ends…god they are annoying, but I will miss it when its gone.

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