This is Losts idea of time.

I know this timeline thing has been done to death, but I feel that people are close but are off.

Let’s state what we know:

1.) Desmond is normal not knowing anything about the future. First couple of seasons.

2.) Desmond turns failsafe. Energy is released, encompassing Desmond. Frees his mind from time.

3.) Desmond now sees events happening as Charlie dies. He changes it, sees Charlie dies a second time. (BTW. Claire is dead for the same reasons Charlie is dead.)

4.) Time can be manipulated, but it requires knowledge of the future. The Lost guys who traveled back in time. Faraday, Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley all have info on the future.

I believe that the whole situation with Benjamin Linus getting shot and living wasn’t a matter of not being able to change the past, Faraday convincing the Lost’ies in the room that you can’t change it so they follow that advice blindly and don’t make their own choices. (Only fools are trapped by time and space.) If they are foolish to think that their own free will can’t change things they will follow blindly.

5.) Desmond only remembers the memory at the point at which Faraday exorcising his free will and knowledge of the future, and talks to Desmond in the past at the Hatch. I believe that point was to illustrate that it can be changed, but also to illustrate that there are not two strings of time created from that point, but it is the same string but with a new series of events. There is no way to go back to the original series of events as they now never happened. The future is the new original series of events.

6.) Faraday was about to exorcise his free will again by launching the bomb, but only failed because he did not have knowledge of his mother purposely leading him to his death. If he knew that was going to happened he could have changed it. However, he still changed it by letting Jack and Kate know his plans to use the bomb. Now Jack and Kate know about the future and eventually set off the bomb at the end of season 5 with help.

7.) There is a clear difference that nobody seems to recognize between time manipulation by Desmond and time manipulation by Faraday and time manipulation by Eloise. The difference is, Desmond gained his ability by the energy in the hatch via failsafe key and knowledge of the future was given to him. (Faraday says Desmond is an exception). Faraday gained his knowledge via his body going through actual time travel knowing about only a few events. Desmond didn’t time travel, he was only given knowledge of events and could manipulate them. But one thing remains true, knowledge of the future can change events. I’ll explain Eloise’s power to manipulate time a little later.

8.) I believe that there aren’t two separate timelines. Only one timeline that sort of loops around. It flows normal until an event is changed, then loops backwards like from 2004 back to 1977 then everything new that happens will result in a new 2010 year looking different from the original. The original 2010 no longer exists as it never happened. Every changing of events creates a new, unpredictable future. Eloise says in episode 5×15 when talking to Penelope that for the first time she doesn’t know what will happen.

1800 1977 2004 2010
————————————– Original Series of events is just this line.
| |
With loop, you get a new series of events, but the original series never happened the same way.

This suggests that Eloise only knew what happened because she was around on the island the first time around, which gave her a unique perspective of knowing events. The fact that she knew what was going to happen probably suggests that this isn’t the first time, that time has looped. She was only able to know up to the events of when desmond was shot or just before.

9.) Eloise is trying to manipulate time from her knowledge of things going to happen via Faraday’s book the first loop around. So we’re viewing 2nd loop or later loops of the lost series according to Eloise’s perspective. It could have looped 1 time or 1,000,000 times. However, and this is where it gets confusing for most. If a loop was created in the past before a future loop, to Eloise the past was the first original time around. She can never see any time loops that happened before hers because it would appear as an original timeline to her. Hence 2010 being the new original. Example.
1800 1977 2004 New timeline 2010 2030
| | | |
——- ———
Faraday’s Loop Eloise’s Loop

With the years being off i know. Just an example. To Eloise in the future, sending Faraday back to alter time knowing he was going back could fill him with all kinds of ideas to change the past. She knows this is possible which is why she does it and is how she can create a time loop. However once the loop is back to the present. The future is not known to Eloise from that point on.

10.) Eloise only has the power to know the future from 1977 until present as long as she sends Faraday back to meet her on the island and get his book. If that doesn’t happen, then Eloise looses her power to manipulate time. Everytime that time loops and she receives the book, the book could have new or changed information about the previous loops. She could even add a counter or mark the book to keep track of how many loops have actually happened. Add a tick per lifetime.

11.) If Faraday or Desmond makes an original change in the past. Eloise wouldn’t know about it how it went originally before the loop created by them. (Now I know you guys are saying, She knew about Desmond not supposed to take the ring event.) She knew about it because Faraday had info on Desmond in his book and details about his life originally which explains how she knows where to go in Desmonds life to make sure certain things happen. From Faraday’s notes. Which also surprises her that Desmond was going to actually take it. At that point Desmond had turned the failsafe key and now had the power to change what was written in Faraday’s book surprising Eloise. However if Desmond makes a change, as long as eloise has the book, the notes will change in Faraday’s book giving her insights to the change of events before they happen. (remember sports almanac in Back to the future?) The book is Eloise’s power to manipulate the future but only works up to a certain point.

12.) What will happen in Season 6. We do not know and can not know for the same reason. All the losties will absorb the energy from the bomb catalyst. Remember, everyone died at the end of season 5 near the hatch except the losties. (Unless radzinky somehow survived an A.K. 47 bullet, and appeared to be dead, but was in fact alive to receive the energy to send knowledge to himself, and he’s the guy in the nuthouse with Hurley in the early series.) Fun thought. They will all go back to LAX, but will be as Desmond and be able to change the timeline from the point of the airport flight 815 point in time and forward. The difference this time is Eloise can no longer manipulate the past as well anymore because she will not have the information on the other losties. Only on Faraday still. Season 6 should make what we know mostly obsolete. Originally losties will see things as we saw them in the original series of events but will be able to work together to change things. And Widmore, and Eloise will no longer be able to keep it all to themselves. Jacob could be saved, instead of killed. MiB could be killed instead of Jacob.

So basically, anything can happen. I like this approach to the series because since we cannot figure it out due to this randomness thrown in, we get to sit back and watch it all happen as it will happen. The original series of events that we knew and watched during the first 5 seasons, happened, but time looped back, and will create a new future series of events.

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2 thoughts on “This is Losts idea of time.

  1. Hmmm… interesting. Would the book change for Eloise, or would she just be collecting all the various looped books? Or wait that wouldn’t make sense. Or is what you are saying in 1977 when she shoots Faraday, she gets a new version of the book each time, right? I don’t see how she would be able to mark this book…

  2. Ardent Knight.

    She wouldn’t have many copies of the book, only one each time. But if she knew some kind of secret code, like most of the others do. She could have written it inside the book cover or something like that to where Danial Faraday would have just passed it off as random drawings or something.

    She was able to recognize her handwriting from a book which nobody told her anything about. Who’s to say she can’t leave herself some clues.

    But beside that, Faraday knows details of Desmonds life and he made it a point to study him and certain events and wrote them down in that book. Desmond is his constant after all. And Eloise from the past now has all of those details about what will happen and can be at certain places to manipulate time.

    Once Desmond turned the key however, he can manipulate time because he can see events into the future. As he sees them, he can change them. This is why Eloise was surprised when Desmond decided to actually take the ring. Because the book probably stated that Desmond buys a ring to marry Penelope but then changes his mind. Eloise having read that, made it a point to show up there. However she would have learned that Desmond can now change events because he really wanted to buy the ring. So she quietly learns this fact.

    The secret code thing as far as lost goes could not be true, but it IS a possibility. The Others know all kinds of languages and secret codes. If Eloise from the future knew about a code back then. It would be easy for her to on the last page draw a picture with hidden symbols telling herself in great detail about things for instance, and Faraday not knowing anything about that last page, just assume it’s part of the book her mother bought. Just an example, but it would be a way to tell her self something in the past.

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