How wrong am I?

Ok so i was thinking about Desmond an his abilities to foresee Charlies death, when a thought occured to me.

A lot of people have stated Claire may be dead because whenever Charlie died he was around Claire (lightning, saving Claire from drowning, getting the seagull for her and falling off the rocks…).

So what if Charlie can foresee Claire’s death? We all know Charlie sacrificed his life to get Claire on the helicopter (which didnt happen anyway!), but what if he was sacrificing his life each of them times to save Claire’s life?

She gets struck by lightning – Charlie offers himself instead – Charlie gets struck by lightning – Saved by Des.

Shes drowning – Charlie jumps in to save her (offers himself) – Charlie dies – Claire revived (as seen) – Day saved by Des

She goes to get the seagull and falls – Charlie changes it so its him that falls – Des saves him.

So my point being, Charlie watches Claire die over and over and makes sure it’s him that dies in her place.. leaving Des able to see Charlies death. And maybe that’s why Claire isnt dead (just for arguments sake), because someone was offering their life to save hers.. And when the fates finally got the better of Charlie, they both won – They took Charlie and kept Claire alive.

Now i have not had time to think this through so i cant begin to imagine how many holes there are. So please, feel free to destroy my theory 🙂

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