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Due to my obsession with this site and Lost, I feel as though i need to get just one more theory in before the season premiere.

Before I let you read this I will warn you, MEGA holes! This was just a quick thought that popped into my head so please go easy on me 🙂



This is my thought on why he wakes up in the middle of the jungle in ‘Pilot’

He wasnt there because of the Oceanic crash, he time traveled there (I’ll come back to this). The Jack that was on O815 died in the crash. When we see them about to crash, he puts on his seatbelt, so it seems highly unlikely he will wake up in the jungle with no chair attached to him.

Soo, he gets up, runs to the wreckage, starts moving people and bodies and what not.. So whats to say he doesnt hide his own body? He tells Kate he blacked out and doesnt remember crashing.. Because he didnt crash and his blackout was his death 🙂

So he time traveled to that point in time (i dont know how he does this but he seems to be wearing the same suit he wore when he landed in the 70s) and wakes up in the jungle with what appears (to me) to be Bens Batton (the thing with the knife inside that he uses to kill people). How he would have this, again, i have no idea.. Something to do with what happens after the Swan Site fight..?

Anyway so he wakes up, sees the batton, realises hes traveled through time and runs to the wreckage to hide his body.

Where the other 70’s losties are i dont know. Maybe he time traveled thanks to the FDW.

And i know this theory means he knows whats gonna happen on the island.. But i dunno, maybe his memory fades?

So when you start picking me apart and destroying me, please keep in mind i didnt think this all the way through and that i really am a nice person who doesnt deserve to be tortured for this awful theory 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Jungle Jack

  1. I think much of what you say hear SG45 sounds quite possible. When I rewatched the pilot episode I believed that Jack knew more at the crash site. Let’s see how this plays out.

  2. I really liked this theory because of a trailer i watched just before for season 6, so i jsut went back and watched that first scene and when jack stands up he pulls out the bottle of liquor from his pocket, which he got from the plane. So i dont want to blow your theory apart because i still think in some way your right but i dunno if your spot on.

  3. So if he had time traveled to Spetember 22nd, 2004, and the Jack from that crash had died….he would have had to have been thru the experiences we see Jack go thru on the show. Meaning he would have had to have time traveled using the island’s magic somehow, and wouldnt that mean that he would have been a dead man thru the whole story we have been watching? And why would he be such a whiney dude about getting off the island if he had already been to the 70’s and Dharma time and realized that he was meant to be there? I just don’t see how this is possible.

  4. Nice thinking – I get this! I was thinking myself that they are programmed, or forewarned that when/however they travel back to the first episode of the crash, they will forget their memories and start from scratch – Sawyer & Kate just wonder into shot, we don’t see them lying wounded. Also, Sawyer says to Kate ‘there is nothing here’ too knowingly very early on but seems to lose that anger as time goes on.

    There is definitely something, as you say, about Jack waking up in the jungle without his seat or his seatbelt (I’m thinking about you up there in the tree, Bernard) and he comes to as if coming to from a deep sleep or being knocked out.

    I just hope its not one big loop and that things will be resolved so that there is some sense of completion, because without any completion for some of my favourite characters I would be incredibly frustrated.

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