when ben and flocke went to the temple, they entered the same way as the losties (through the hole), but when the losties go there they are immediately captured by the others.jacob told hurley that he died ‘an hour ago’, this means we know ‘when’ they are and that ben and flocke were at the temple the day before.where were the others??

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8 thoughts on “temple…ben/flock….losties

  1. Bailey….Flocke took ben down that hole….to be judged by smokie

    and they are saying where were the others when ben and flock went down the hole bc when jack and Co went down they were captured

  2. jack and co went past the hole (remember them tip-toeing around it). ben went down the hole and flocke probably hid out of sight as to not be captured.

  3. ya, after watchin it again, they seem to show them all tip-toeing past the hole, just seems odd that the noise of ben falling through and flocke shouting ‘are you ok’ wouldn’t be heard by the others???

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