The Leash of Cerberus revisited

Those of you that have been on the site for awhile know how much I was against the idea of Nemesis and the Smoke Monster being the same entity. After last nights premeir I was proven wrong. I still don’t like the idea but have to live with it now. But, then again, maybe not. I was going through some of my older theories and the third theory that I posted since joining the site seems more relevant now more than ever and with some modifications may be what is going on with Nemesis/Smokey/Flocke. I will repost it below with some modifications following it. This was originaly posted on May 31, 2009.

Holding the Leash Of Cerberus and soul Control

I’m not satisfied with the prevailing idea that Jacob’s Adversary and Smokey are one and the same entity. so I started thinking of how to explain things without the Adversary and Smokey being the same. My line of thought led me to wonder if maybe Smokey and his abilities could be controlled by the power of the mind?

I don’t think that this would be a far fetched idea considering that the Smoke Monster has the ability to scan people’s minds. Couple this with the idea that the Island seems to have a mind of it’s own and that some form of entity that appears to be made of pure thought or pure energy lives in the cabin; I think we’ve got some interesting possibilities about what may be happening on the Island.

Here is what I envision. Jacob’s Adversary exists as pure thought energy, can not exist in corpreal form on its own, and was at one time imprisioned in the cabin by Jacob. Knowing of the abilities that Smokey has, especially the mind scaning ability, the Adversary takes control of the Smoke Monster’s mind and searches the Island for a suitable canidate to inhabit. When a person is found the Adversary uses Smokey to see if the person can be used. If the person can’t be used they are disposedof immediately. If the person can be used, the Adversary directs Smokey to bring the person to the underground tunnels for further investigation. For a person to be of use I believe that they have to be dead first so that the Adversary can than take over their soul and manifest in that person’s visage. However, the Adversary’s control doesn’t last long and not all the souls are easy to take over. Some may have a stronger will than he has. This is what I think happened when the Adversary tried to have Smokey nab Mr. Eko. Mr. Eko’s mind was to strong and wouldn’t make a good canidate to inhabit. The Adversary needs a person that would be willing to let themselves be utilized and controlled as easy as it is for the Adversary to take control of Smokey. Enter John Locke.

It has been shown on Lost that John is rather easilly conned and has extrordinary faith in the Island. I believe that the Adversary recognized this when Locke first encountered Smokey and then set in motion a plan to take over Locke’s soul and free himself of Jacob.
I’m not sure if this is what is actually happening but I think it is an interesting scenario to ponder. I also don’t think that all the visions on the Island are generated by Smokey and the Adversary, so it makes me wonder which visions we can trust?


That is what I proposed back in May of last year. After last nights episode I still think that the Smoke Monster is still a seperate entity from Nemesis and that Nemesis is inhabiting the Smoke Monster’s ‘body.’ Nemesis has been utilizing the Smoke Monster for a more suitable canidate whose soul he can take over and better utilize. I also reference you to recent comments I made in AES’ recent theories where I described the religion of Hulmul from the book “The Fall of Chronopolis.” I know I keep harping on about that book but there is a LOT of things going on in that book that I see happening in Lost.

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12 thoughts on “The Leash of Cerberus revisited

  1. i dunno. he distinctly said: i’m sorry you had to see ME like that.

    and then Ben called him the monster, and he basically agreed without saying yes. (let’s not resort to name calling).

  2. I agree that Ben was talking to Nemesis but I also believe Nemesis has been merely utilizing Smokey’s body. Similar to the way The Master uses Kamelion in the Doctor Who episode “The King’s Demons.”

  3. I don’t like that Focke and Smokie are the same thing either… There was a lot of evidence to support it before last night’s episode and I ignored it because I didn’t like the idea of them being the same… but I think the episode from last night was pretty definitive. Focke and Smokie are the same thing.

  4. Yeah, I didn’t like it either, but I think we have to face it. Remember, they do hit Flocke/Nemesis once or twice before he does a batman behind the pillars, and then BAAM!
    I think too much trauma makes him go all HULK! At the beach, Richard seemed to know this, giving order to hold fire, right away – seemingly aware of the danger doing so would mean. It was clear he didn’t know WHO it was, but that doesn’t mean he(along with oursleves) didn’t know WHAT it/he was.
    It seems clear though that they do indeed have a history – and also basically confirming what many have suspected – Richard was on the Black Rock(Even further linking Cerberus/Nemesis together(Damn I Want a Name!) So,(even though I thought/hoped differently)I think it’s pretty damn sure they’re One and the Same

  5. Hmm, one more thing though, that just hit me – that might actually SUPPORT Achalli’s theory! When Flocke went Batman and we heard Cerberus aproaching – I thought He/It would sneek up on them from behind the pillars(It’s Cerberus after all – we know/I think anyway – that It’s sometimes just a lite whisker of smoke – I’ve always thought he could go from tiny to giant like that, didn’t you too?) but It didn’t…! It came barging through the front door, making a grande – and noisy(which It doesn’t need to be either – It can go stealth..) In any case, the camera is fixed on Ben as Cerberus leaves, but we clearly hear It making distance.. And as Ben Looked around, slowly making his way out – I expected to find Flocke/Nemesis blocking his way at the dooropening or something like that – coming from where I asume Cerberus left.. So are we to believe that Cerberus/”Nemesis” simply ran off – only to teleport back and sneek up behind Ben(Like, why – I think he’s scared shitless already) Though Jacob and Nemesis seems to be each other’s opposite’s it wouldn’t suprise me if they had similar powers – “Teleporting/Vanishing” I have to say, that atleast the bullet they picked up seemed to had hit a wall or something.. I don’t know, what do you say – He might be posing as Cerberus – only too make paople fear/obbey him easier or something, I don’t know – I just thought it was weird

  6. well he did dissapear into thin air…its probably a problem of cgi. easier to show it rolling in and out than having it morph into locke and out of locke. they didnt do great cgi work with the underwater island scene…

  7. Hi Achalli, I think there are a couple of reasons why people are disappointed with the ‘smoke monster’ reveal being Nemesis.

    Even though we knew we would be getting answers to the mysteries this season, I still think we were unprepared to have one of the biggest mysteries to Lost, unveiled so quickly. Secondly, I feel there was an expectation that the ‘smoke monster’ was something other than what/who it turned out to be.

    There is still soooo much mystery surrounding Nemesis/Smokie. Consider the following conversation between Nemesis and Ben after Nemesis/Smokie finishes off Ilana’s crew in front of Ben.

    Ben asks Nemesis “What are you”? Nemesis responds by saying: “it’s not what am I, but who am I….. He also concludes this conversation by telling Ben that he just wants to go home.

    That in and of itself is a mystery, when you consider where is home? If all Nemesis is, is a ‘smoke monster’ wouldn’t any old underground vent do?

    We have seen the ‘smoke monster’ take many forms, some human and some like the ‘Medusa Spider’. This suggests to me that we still know so very little. It also sounds to me like Nemesis does have ‘other form’, and that last nights reveal, was only the tip of the iceberg.

    Still plenty of mystery on this one, folks!

  8. Sorry I haven’t been able to respond earlier. I’ve been having technical problems wig getting on the site and navigating about it all day.

    But it gave me time to think this out more. I am no fighting the situation out of stubbornness, refusal to accept the idea or wishful thinking. It just doesn’t sit right for me. And the reason is that Flocke is Smokey idea was just too easy to figure out. We all saw it immediately and some of us accepted the idea while others rejected it. But it was just so obvious that it wasn’t that big of a reveal. I feel that either the writers have Lost their touch OR they are misdirecting us from something else.

  9. I dont/didnt want MIB to be Smokey to be Flocke…its so hard to fight after last night.
    I agree with your thought of it being “too easy”.
    I have just learned in my Lost theorizing years that sometimes they really do hand us a silver platter full of food.

    I have to think about this. I posted a new idea on the thought that he IS smokey…well, someone who is MIB is Smokey…

    I really really like all your thoughts, and they make so much sense. I was on your boat until about 930 last night…its so hard to fight…

    I do hope you are right on this one…it would make the show more fun, and some parts of my “Greatest Theory” come true…

    Great argument. Its hard to argue what they just give us, and you present great info here disputing the fact we may have been given…

  10. Thanks AES. I’m not so much as denying it but want to remind people to not let there guard down about the situation.

    Here’s another issue to consider (not the cabin). If the Smoke Monster is supposed to be a security system and guards the temple, Nemesis is Smokey, and wants into the Temple, why guard the temple?

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