Parallel universes … loopholes … is Jacob in Sayid?

Written 3rd February

Locke dies in Universe 1, stays alive in Universe 2 … smokey “enters” him. Locke = loophole (smokey said it), then inconsistencies between universes (people alive in one, dead in other) = loopholes. Sayid dead in one universe and alive in other = loophole. But is it smokey (trojan horse) or is it Jacob (good guy’s return) that will enter him?

Why didn’t previous dead losties become loopholes? Maybe because their bodies were not fit (healthy) for smokey (or Jacob) to enter them, hence the need to “cure” Sayid’s body before entering it, or maybe because it would be no use entering the body of someone that was not a leader before (locke had become an important figure, making him a good “incarnation” platform for smokey)

Also, dead (or near death) people seem to be able to travel (or project their images and consciousness) to the other universe. Charlie, for instance.

When about to die, Juliet seems to wander a bit, loose her self awareness and maybe have a glimpse of the other universe … and then comes back to tell Sawyer “it worked” … in reference to seening him off the island in the other universe.

If this is right, since we saw sawyer alone (without Juliet) in universe 2, it might be that he will meet Juliet eventually in that universe, and she will tell him “we could get coffee sometime”. This would also mean that there is an offset in time between the two storylines. No brainer … since the events in the island are now 3-4 years ahead of the plane crash time.

Brotha seems to always have had “in between universes travel” capabilities. He remembers Farady in the future even though Faraday thought he wouldn’t (hatch in the past thing). He could project his mind to other moments in time … or was it to other universes offset in time?

And that brings me to the final part of this thinking line: I think there are numerous parallel universes. And maybe there has never actually been time travel in the show … maybe it was travel between differently offset in time universes. Well this part is too far a stretch for now.

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