The back of Rose’s magazine

ON my second rewatch of LAX i noticed something early on and it bugged me throughout my second watch through up until Locke said “I want to go home”. If you look at the back of the magazine Rose is reading while on the new 815 if you look close and pause you will see the back of the magzine says “The answers are out there” with a flying saucer flying under the headline. Now add this to the fact the Locke/Flocke/MIB says “I want to go home” really stood out to me and i couldn’t and can’t get this out of my head. What if there is a ship on the island or the island is some kind of ship. I know they said there would never be aliens on the show but they also said there would never be time travel so who knows. This also might be why the island was underwater maybe the ship leaving is what causes the island to sink and the others protect it so much. Please let me know if anyone else noticed this so it can stop driving me crazy.

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6 thoughts on “The back of Rose’s magazine

  1. My god I cant tell you how much I hate this idea, and pray everytime someone says it that it is not true…

    I dont think its the cause of the island being underwater…But this is a hell of a catch on the magazine. I completely missed it and have not heard this said.

    Seriously, great eyes, or if you are just relaying a message, thank you for making my nightmare one step closer to being true, lol…

    Where the hell is Master Shake…?

  2. Oh my good god, kill me now?!

    If i have watched 6 years of Lost only to discover the island is a spaceship, i will lose all faith in humanity!
    Damn you and your awesome eyes!

    Seriously, amazing catch there.. I would never have noticed that.. But now youve scared me. I fear it may actually be a spaceship lol

  3. Chief, No… not the shotgun! lol! I just went back to check this out. “The truth is out there.” It look like an add for Morley cigarettes. Morley is the fictitious brand of cigarettes that were smoked by The Smoking Man in the X Files series.

    The Smoking Man was confined to a wheelchair by the end of the series… So, hopefully that is the reference being made and it doesn’t have anything to do with spaceships. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of us! lol!

  4. yeah hoping its just an x-files shout out. the writers are fans of the show. my name is…Shake-zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you wanna trip, ill bring it to ya

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