benjamin can’t kill widmore
MIB can’t kill jacob
the irony is that jacob kills jacob
To me it is clear that Jacob is working with widmore. I am not sure why I think it is because they have the same motives.
One question I have is how can you kill MIB? I think that it will eventually come up in the plot that Jacob (through sayid’s body, on Jimmy Kimmel the writers admit that something is possesing sayid and why would Jacob make it clear that they needed to keep sayid alive unless jacob wanted to use his body ) develops a plot to kill MIB.
I have quite a few questions, but once they reveal the connection between ben, richard, (I leave out christian because i believe he is MIB) chares, jacob, and MIB the show will be much clearer

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I am a lost fan, I think that is all you need to know.

4 thoughts on “Connections

  1. He may not want to kill MIB. That is very true but he still could want to enchant him in some way to make him a subordinate again. And the only way for MIB to get off the island would be to turn the wheel at the orchid, but why would jacob need to be dead to do that?
    Do you mean Jacob is trying to prove that the people can live on the island in peace? It seems like Jacob selects everyone that ever gets to go to the island so maybe that is why we saw flashes of him into other people’s pasts.

  2. Hey Schmittsizzle
    to answer your question, I’m not sure people living at peace on the island will be proof enough..honestly, I don’t know what/how exactly Jacob is proving…just remember the Jacob MIB conversation (i’m summarizing, not exact quote):

    MIB “They come, they destroy, they corrupt..”
    Jacob “You’re only ends once, everything before that is just progress”
    MIB “Do you know you badly I want to kill you?…someday, I will find a loophole”
    Jacob “And when you do, I’ll be waiting..”

    I think it’s evident that, MIB doesn’t want people coming to the island, and rather protect the island from mankind’s corruption.. Jacob, on the other hand, wants people to come to island and make progress, even though “it ends once”. MIB desires Jacob to be dead, to prevent more people coming to island and corrupting etc.. But I think Jacob doesn’t see MIB as a threat, he’d rather him witness the progress Jacob wants to prove..

  3. MIB clearly doesn’t give a shit weather or not people come to the island but Jacob is keeping him trapped in the cabin up to the point where MIB becomes Locke. Why would he care there is no benefit to him if more people come or not, he has been there for a while and we don’t even know if Jacob wants people there, except that he keeps bringing them to the island. I bet MIB and Jacob are connected to Ben and Widmore and there is some insane intense reason for their fued that we haven’t seen yet. MIB says that he is dissapointed in the people around Richard, when they followed him. What does that mean and if he really didn’t want people on the island he would just kill them all.

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