flight attendant significant?

why is it always the flight attendant who shows up at odd moments and says things like“we are here to watch` (with children in tow)i n the episode where they build the runway and now shes at the temple saying that ` those are people from the first plane“ and shes says these in a manner as if she was never on the plane with them and the whole situation isn`t just a bit off???

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4 thoughts on “flight attendant significant?

  1. I think she says they were on the first plane the same one as me or something. But she definetly seems otherish now, she definetly hasnt got the same attitude as the other losties her and the kids seem quite comfortable living with the others in the temple. Doesnt appear as though they have any real desire to leave.

  2. I was thinking about this the other day…. She must be a real other bc they seem comfortable with the others like they have been with them for awhile.. You know… Like they haven’t been time jumping… They are the same as the losties.. They should travel,… But who knows… There’s alot of weird questionable things going on and I’m starting to think they won’t be answered like why do some people time travel and some don’t

    i just think they won’t answer these things bc they don’t know how and say they were unimportant

  3. My thought on Cindy, the flight attendant, is (1) that she was an original “Other” who wanted to return to the island on 815, and (2) that she was just someone on flight 815 who got abducted with the kids, and then just adjusted to living with them.
    As far as the temple goes, I remember Richard telling all the others in Season 4 to go to the temple before Ben turned the donkey wheel. It’s like he knew that they could avoid the time flashes in the temple, and they’ve been hiding out there the entire time of season 5. Now they’re showing Cindy and the kids to prove that these others are the same others from the beginning of the series–and that they’re all the same “people”, that is, Jacob’s people.

  4. i find the whole cindy thing very strange. i think she has possibly always been an other? the way she just completely vanised in series 2 has always baffled me. sawyer had been shot, the tailies along with sawyer,jin and michael were making thier way to the beach. if i remember correctly sawyer was on a strecher and they were walking up a small hill type of thing, then when they got to the top cindy had gone? very strange? they were all really close together and were carrying sawyer how could she completely vanish like that, wierd or what?? then every now and again she pops up with the others? hmm? eko rocks

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