Jack’s Neck!?

Did anyone see as Jack went into the light and towards and mirror image we saw a HUGE parting in his hair?? This could be relevant to the “borrowing” life from other timelines.

And I’d love to see a Richard flashback, in this I’d like to find out about his Jacob/Nemesis abilities. We see Island Richard take Dead Richard’s body ^^

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7 thoughts on “Jack’s Neck!?

  1. I also noticed Jack’s hair. It seems that some characteristics and even behavior is transferred from the island timeline to the (new?) alternate timeline.

    By behavior I mean the attitude of some people on the alternate timeline. For example, Jack doesn’t seem to be the arrogant man of science anymore on the alternate timeline.

    When he’s having the conversation with Locke at the baggage counter, he tells him nothing is irreparable. That doesn’t sound like Jack from the first seasons, but it does sound like a man who believes in miracles.

    I guess that new attitude ‘transferred’ to the alternate timeline, since Jack changed from purely ‘scientific’ to also a man of faith in the Island timeline.

    So that were my thoughts when I watched LA X. I just have no idea what the significance is for the show/story.

  2. But I don’t understand why this doesn’t count for most of the other Losties.

    Sawyer for example seems to be the old confident, bit arrogant, Sawyer.

  3. I like the thoughts here, and dont have much to contribute other than whats been said already…

    But I do feel that the casket that we hear is “missing” from the new timeline is the very same that Jack chops up when he discovers his fathers body is not in it…

    Not exactly your point, but still a crossing of timelines in a way.

    great thoughts here both of you…

  4. AES-How Is that possible? Jack had to check the casket in the same way he did before so he had to have had it in his possesion at sometime in Australia or maybe im just not getting what you mean but I think we just need to wait & these questions will be answered & probably irrelevant, maybe it was all just so Jack & Locke meet in that timeline for some reason idk.

  5. BiNG,

    Maybe the small turbulence was more than just a turbulence. The little shockwave caused an unwanted rift between dimensions, causing some items in the ALT to be pulled into the island timeline and vice versa (Des, though he is seen when Jack came back from the loo)

  6. Jack seems calmer. His father has been the cause of most of his uptightness, so if their relationship is different in this timeline, Jack will be diferent.
    When they went through the turbulance his expression was almost one of expectation. Was that just the moment he became somewhat aware of something not quite as it seems, will each of the losties have similar moments, each becoming stronger and more What the?

  7. The very first thing that occurred to me when the alt timeline appeared is the “Bizarro world” Seinfeld episode and how Jerry explains it to his friends and how that explanation could be applied to Lost to solve everything. Yeah, right, I only wish?!?!?! LOL But really couldn’t it? ROFL

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