Richard in Chains

Well, one of the next episodes will surely be totally focused on Richard’s background. Ricardus, right? was that what someone called him once? ie portuguese or spanish. Portugal and Spain had some of the best sailors in the history of mankind where ships such as the one seen in the incident were discovering the world.

I believe there was a mutiny on his ship and he was the captain and when the ship reaches the island, we will see him there in chains.

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4 thoughts on “Richard in Chains

  1. i think that the Episode we will see all of richards backgound is 9 entitled ‘Ab Aerterno’ (which literaly means ‘from the eternal’) should be a good episode, i think that making assumptians about richard is just too widely spread out over what we dont know, i think the most assumed is that he was a slave on the black rock, but your’s could just as easily be plausible. good post.

  2. I think it was MIB in chains and Richard is the 1st mate who wrote the diary Widmore bid on.

    Portugal. Interesting point. NachoChris likes him some history.

  3. I’m seriously looking forward to Richard’s episode. That one’s going to answer a LOT of questions. Richard being a “slave” makes no sense to me. Being a prisoner for mutiny or another crime, having been mutinied against, or perhaps taking part in a ruse all seem like far more viable scenarios- especially given the window of time in which we know the Black Rock sailed and was borne on the island. Given the “betting” nature of Jacob and MIB, my guess is that Richard wins a wager against one of them (or both) and claims immortality (or some form of it) as a result.

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