and the eye in the cabin belongs to…


The eye that Hurley sees in the cabin window belongs to none other than producer Carlton Cuse.
I’m sure alot of you already knew that, but i just found out on IMDB and thought it was pretty funny.

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I'm a hiphop producer from London, and obviously a huge fan of Lost. Its a bit of a love/hate thing as its made me cynical of all other TV shows (Heroes being one of the most overrated poorly written shows i've seen). Never been into much big american TV drama or Sci-fi, more into british comedy, but Lost has been amazing, and i really hope it continues that awesomeness in its final season. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the end of a story which can annoy people around me, but this show is so intricately constructed, even in its 2nd to last season, i still don't have a clue. I'm trying my best though.

2 thoughts on “and the eye in the cabin belongs to…

  1. i forgot to add, its also Carlton Cuse’s voice used when the mysterious figure says ‘help me’.

    Maybe we’ll find out in the finale that the big bosses of the island are in fact…


    Makes more sense than any theory i’ve read or written.

    Obviously i’m kidding, but at least this can put to rest all the ‘the eye looks like/the voice sounds like’ theories.

    That cabin still confuses the hell out of me, theres gotta be a reason why they used several random non-cast members to portray who or what was in there.

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