Jacob is MIB (Alternate Twist)

So my theory …

(written on the back of other people coming up with variations on the mirror timeline/universe theories Especially this one 🙂 )

…is that Jacob is MIB… what I mean to say is that MIB is the Jacob of the other universe/timeline.

…. And when he says he wants to go home….

what he means is … Back to his reality….

Think about it… He appears to have been restricted from entering the temple and the cabin…. But nothing has really stopped him from being able to leave the island ( unless he cannot travel over water) since it would be impractical to ring the island in ash and he appears to have had an otherwise free reign around the island.

So my contention is that his hom eis the other/mirror reality in which we now see mirror/alternate Jack etc

What d’ya think?

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3 thoughts on “Jacob is MIB (Alternate Twist)

  1. When I saw the title of this theory I was pretty sceptical, but it actually is a pretty good one. It totally makes sense that by home he means the other reality.

    Now that I think of it. In the episode The Man Behind the Curtain, we can hear someone scream help in the cabin. Could it be that the mind/soul of MIB was ‘chained’ in the cabin, and the ring of ash was to keep his physical form away from his mind? Just a thought.

    Anyway, it totally makes sense in the light of all the alternate timeline and loophole stuff.

  2. @sarajs16 A reasonable point.. I’m honestly not sure… in any case it’s only since the Other others discovered Jacob’s death, that they started spreading the ashes around the inside of the Temple.

    Perhaps Flocke only entered the area beneath the external wall of the stockade which ultimately protects the temple, rather than the temple proper.

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