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Hmm so I was re-watching the season 6 double bill and noticed that Juliet seemed to go a little bit doolalee just before she died… she said something along the lines of “Maybe we can go get coffee… we’ll go dutch” but she said it in a way that reminded me a lot of Charlotte when she was time skipping/island moving around.

This brought me into thinking that maybe when Charlotte was having these unconscious moments (or whatever you wanna call ’em) that she may have actually been jumping to another timeline altogether, not just memories (before dying and maybe returning to her true timeline) – maybe that’s what happened to Juliet – because first of all she didn’t think it worked… then all of a sudden her last thought before she died was wanting to tell James that it did work.  How would she know that without actually visiting her other timeline – maybe asking someone else to have coffee?

I just thought it was an interesting point but you guys will probably find faults through and through – so go ahead 😉

Another point was – man… they sure had some continuity issues in Juliet’s final scene of Season 5 – blood on her mouth – then no blood – then blood again… Can’t believe they let that go out!  ;P

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4 thoughts on “Juliet after she hits the bomb

  1. I just rewatched both episodes and thought the same thing. After Charlotte said those non sensical things to Faraday we find out later on that she said them to him as a child. I think we will see Juliette meet Sawyer off island and ask him if he wants to get some coffee sometime, dutch of course.

  2. I had the same thought when I saw and heard Juliet’s last words–reminiscent of Charlotte. And I agree with Roland that she’s going to meet up with Sawyer somehow in the alternate time line and have coffee!
    By the way, on the podcast the producers/writers have said that there’s NO alternate timeline! I think they’re just playing with us, what else could it be???

  3. What if Charlotte and Juliette were just skipping in and out of their pasts and presents and Juliette just assumed that it worked because she had skipped into a place in her past where she was back in the U.S. and not on the island? I did not get the impression that she was speaking to Sawyer when she mumbled about going Dutch–she was somewhere else in her mind….

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