The man in the cabin, a curious incident.

So the cabin was surrounded by Ash, was this to keep MIB out?

In the incident, its noted the ash has been disturbed, and therefore MIB could access the cabin.

I think the most curious of incidents is the time Hurley stumbles upon the cabin accidently. He sees two people in the cabin, the man in the chair, and someone else (who if you watch it back, the eye looks at lot like Lockes) talking about something. I think there is a 3rd person to this puzzle. Whoever said ‘Help me’ to Locke in the cabin that first time is not Jacob or MIB i reckon.

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7 thoughts on “The man in the cabin, a curious incident.

  1. the person in the chair was Christian, and i thought that the eye looked more like Jacks to me, Terry o’Quinn’s eye has a lot more crows feet surrounding it.

  2. On IMDB, it says The eye that Hurley sees in the cabin belongs to a certain CARLTON CUSE!

    The ‘help me’ that Locke hears in the cabin is also the voice of Carlton Cuse!

    I just found this out yesterday

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