Jacob and Smokey – Constantine

The relationship of Jacob and Smokey and the rules that apply to them is reminiscent of a line from the movie Constantine where Constantine says:

What if I told you that God and the Devil made a wager for the souls of all mankind? No direct contact — just influence…see who would win.”

Does this seem like a plausible explanation for their relationship?  They may not be God and the Devil, but perhaps they are the God and Devil of the Island.  Or perhaps they have been on the Island for so long that they have taken on the roles of those Archetypes.

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10 thoughts on “Jacob and Smokey – Constantine

  1. Love it 😀 would explain alot….and the whole loophole thing….nice work….would love to hear more though….try and fit it into scenes of the show more. nice work anyway 🙂

  2. Oh and the god we know doesn’t have a name….or he does but wouldn’t speak it in fear of having curses put on him and such. Maybe his name is Jacob 🙂

  3. Something I just read about the Order of Constantine….thought you may want to read:-

    The Angelici were an ancient order of knighthood for priests and laymen, founded in 1191 by Byzantine Emperor Isaac Angelus.

    They were divided into three classes, but were all under the direction of one Grand Master. The first were called Torquati, from a collar which they wore, and were fifty in number. The second were called the Knights of Justice, and were ecclesiastics. The third were called Knights Servitors.

    Justiniani will have this order to have been instituted in the year 313, by Constantine, and supposes the occasion thereof to have been the appearance of an angel to that emperor, with the sign of a cross and the words, “In hoc signo vinces” (“In this sign you shall conquer”). However, that there was such a thing as a ny military order in those days is merely a fable.

    The Angelici were also called the Order of Constantine, the Golden Knights, and Saint George.

    I thought the 3 groups sounded quite good and they have one grand master:-

    Grand Master – Jacob
    Knights of Justice – Losties
    Knights Serviters – Others
    Torquati – Not sure but could have been the people from the Black Rock as they were the first there.

  4. it does sound like the perfect explanation but everytime i start looking into religion and the island im swayed away by the producers saying its not a religious story, however that wouldnt be the first time theyve lied.

  5. I’d say the smoke monster pounding the crap out of eco would be considered direct contact, as would many things that have happened to the losties.

  6. @wesley – the black rock wasn’t there first… i assume. because as the black rock was coming in – the conversation between jacob and esau made it seem like this wasn’t the first batch of people to come to the island.

  7. SevenEcks, I really like your post and the dialogue you chose from the movie Constantine. I definitely see how this applies.

    I have on other quote from a movie named the “Devil’s Advocate” that I would like for people to ponder in terms of the show and overall picture.

    It is where Milton (the devil) makes the following statement to Kevin Lomax: “Free Will is a bitch”.

    The statement is subtle, but meaningful to Lost.

    Thanks for expanding my thinking with your ideas.

    Nice Catch!

  8. good theory. I don’t really think the writers are overtly copying any one movie or source, but I would say this is one they have seen and apects of Constantine can certainly be seen in the overall plot strategy– there are other source materials that also track, some more closely, some less, that have often been cited as similar. One of those source materials has to be the Bible. Even the names of the characters, not to mention the themes, symbolism, etc. are relevant to the overall picture of Lost. Good points, and great comments, especially the Pacino quote.

  9. Great quote and movie! This does seem a plausible idea for their main game rule. This makes me think about the dirty water that Sayid was ultimately drowned in – and how he became “infected” afterwards. Almost as though it is his soul that would be taken over by evil – I still don’t think that MIB is the evil factor here though – maybe it has been Jacob along in a role reversal? We can’t easily be fooled that by Jacob in white and MIB wearing…well, black, into thinking white symbolises purity/god and black “the darkside”/devil. Isn’t the devil guy in Constantine pictured wearing WHITE when he goes to constantine and heals him so he can live on to do wrong and go to hell? I will have to rewatch this movie now…

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