We learned nothing

Aside from Sayid being “infected”, what did we learn? Absolutely nothing. I know I’ve been a real downer on this site lately, but this episode was terribly dull and possibly the worst episode of LOST I can recall ever seeing.

From the end of last episode to the end of this one, there was no progression. I hope this was the last episode of this kind.

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So......I guess LOST was a good show.....WAS a good show.

46 thoughts on “We learned nothing

  1. This episode was to softly set up the mirror universe and show us some interesting similarities (Kate still helps Claire deliver her baby and Ethan was her doctor (if he had been successful in inducing labor on the island he would have kind of been her doctor)). We learned that Claire is the new Danielle (maybe Danielle has been the smoke monster all along before he infected Locke (at least that’s what I got out of it) and she was infected with the same sickness that Sayid has and probably the French team had. But it couldn’t possibly be what the DI was giving innoculationf for right?… No Chief I think you are right we definitely didn’t get any answers but on the bright side I only have like five questions from this episode as oppose to the 1,001 I usually have from every other episode. We got an Arntz mooning the audience shot to boot. Hey do you think the guy who wrote Bad Twin was on the plane this time around and it will get published and they put out another Bad Twin book and the ending will different (that would be kind of cool I think). My whole point is cheer up, there is only about 165.5 more hours until another episode. Are you eastern or pacific time?

  2. Well, we did find out a bit about Claire. She didn’t just disappear into oblivion. And we are seeing ties between the two timelines/realities, like Claire naming her baby Aaron. And Rousseau wasn’t crazy when she was talking about people being infected. Either that or they’re all crazy hahaha. What I found interesting was how Claire seems to have taken Rousseau’s place. And how both Rousseau and Claire were seperated from their babies, one willingly and one not.

  3. I was also disappointed in tonight’s episode – and I tend to find all things good in all shows/movies bad. I kept telling my husband that the show was going too slow and that we weren’t learning anything new. Not to mention that Kate was being her jolly old “I don’t give a damn what I’m told, so I’m gonna do what I want without any regard for anyone else” self. I wish they’d kill her off and get it over with!
    Sorry, that may have been harsh.. and may have resulted from my frustration with tonight’s episode. I also hope this is the last episode of its kind. I WANT ANSWERS!!!

  4. It’s not so much the answers that I expected….I wanted the story to at least progress somewhere.

    Surprisingly, (NOT) Sawyer decides to run off, and he once again tells Kate not to go after him. So she naturally does. Seen it to many times to care at this point. This time, it all amounts to Sawyer throwing a ring in the ocean.

    We all knew Claire was still on the island. Not sure that should have been a shock to anyone.

    Yeah, I’m just moaning and groaning. I can’t help it though, I expected much more. I basically waited all week to see….

    1)The temple others give Jack more vague and indirect answers.

    2)Sawyer run off again.

    3)Kate follow him again.

    4)Kate as a rebel in the alternate timeline (absolutely nothing new)

    Sayid was basically still in the process of waking up when this episode ended. It just feels like nothing was accomplished at all.

  5. we did learn that Claire did infact die in the explosion, and had her body used by MiB…right? is that what i just saw?

    this was almost as bad as the Nikki and Paulo episode.

  6. Hey there! I’m new at this so please pardon my scattered brain. I’m also getting pretty annoyed at the infinite abyss of questions going unanswered and the plot seemingly going nowhere. I mean it wasn’t hard to figure out that Claire would somehow end up having the baby with Kate right by her side, although Ethan was a nice twist. I’m all well and good with Sawyer going off and Kate following, but this stuff with the “infection” is still so vague. Is he Jacob or MIB or neither? We definitely know he’s not Sayid, because if he was he wouldn’t be taking that torture like such a pansy. At some point I remember thinking to myself that Claire might end up like Rousseau, so that wasn’t that big of a shocker either. Now that I’ve ranted about my disappointments I wanted to ask you guys your opinion on a couple of things:

    Where do we think home is for MIB? My thinking is it’s the temple and he could only go back if Jacob was deceased.

    Ethan being alive shows that the Dharma folks are indeed alive after the incident, so when that happened where would they have gone? They can’t just jump 30 yrs ahead and show up or would they have been in the 70s?

    Do you guys think that the alternate timeline will somehow connect in time with them on the island and indeed be the ending hours of the show? Like perhaps on last attempt, after much fighting about it I’m sure, for the Losties to set things right?

    I know I had tons of more questions, but they’re slipping my mind at the moment. I’m sorry for my rambling, but I’ve been wanting to comment on here forever!

  7. Okay, I have to disagree with you a bit here Chief.

    I was drawn into the episode for ultimately two reasons:

    1- Trust issues finally coming to a point where they will have significant meaning from here on out.

    2- The significance of the water.

    First, the water.

    The spring water was murky for Sayid’s attempted healing. Upon going in the water he became infected.

    They made a point to show Sawyer throwing his ring in the water, Kate filling her canteen with water (but not drinking it) and Jin nearly drinking out of the stream before getting pulled away.

    Not to mention that last season the water was drained before Smokey appeared to Ben.

    There’s something about the water now.

    And the trust issues are obviously a lot more nebulous. And this is where it will all depend on what kind of answers you are expecting and what kind of answers you will probably get for most things.

    “The infection will spread” line was obviously not just in reference to Sayid’s body. Just like Jacob’s touch brought everyone together, MIB’s ability to “infect” (or pull people to a certain side) will spread to others…

    Before they even mentioned the word “trust” (which did end up coming out of Sayid, Jack, and Claire) I made the comment that Miles obviously knows that something was off with Sayid but he wasn’t saying anything. Then I said aloud during the show, “Everyone has such ridiculous trust issues.” Then Sayid went on to say to Jack that he trusts him so he’ll take the pill.

    Then we got that trust rant from Jack where he finally owns up to a major source of his control issues when he admits that he doesn’t even trust himself.

    So ultimately I see how this still points us down the path towards the Destiny & Free Will debate, because to pick one of those things to believe in, you have to trust.

    Does it explain anything about the tangible or physical incidents we have seen? Not necessarily. Does it set-up how the characters are going to become that much more divided? I would think so.

    It’s okay to be pissed though, too. It’s always about perspective, isn’t it? ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. The other thing (no pun intended) with Ethan’s off-island appearance indicates that the reset impacts the Others, too. Not just the Losties. Obviously there is more questions than answers for how that works, but that seems important.

    And if you read Tawarets’ post from earlier today where the issue of Jack getting clued into fate in the sideways timeline, then the whole interaction with Claire, Kate and Aaron seems to fit into that theory a bit more now.

    I will say that I am so done with Sawyer crying. I liked the elevator scene at LAX from last week far more than anything else I’ve seen from him so far.

  9. Dude, don’t expect every episode to unload a mountain of answers on you…

    That is Lost, some episodes give answers, but alot don’t. By the way, Kate-centric episodes seem to always be less progressive and answer-giving..

    But I think next episode is going to be way more answer-giving so cheer up ๐Ÿ˜‰

  10. Kimberly,

    I suppose it gave us IDEAS as to what we should be expecting from our Losties in the future, you’re right there (every episode should do that though).

    You’re right about the water problem, it’s intriguing.

    Why am I the only one (aside from brokenankh42) that feels like time stood still over the duration of this entire episode? I guess I need help.


    I’m not expecting a mountain of answers from these guys. Been watchin the show for over 5 years now, I know better. Again, I didn’t find anything really interesting in this episode. No surprises, (I don’t care about Ethan anymore) no progression, I’m almost wishing Sawyer dies next week, and that’s a bad sign, makes me wonder how much of a fan I am anymore……. maybe I’ll cheer up next week.

  11. Man i hate to say it but i’m starting to agree with you Chief, i’m starting to feel i’m gonna be one of the people whos disappointed by the outcome of this show.

    after the building up of the seasons premiere, last nights episode was really uneventful and as you said felt like time stood still, apart from the happenings in the other timeline, nothing happened on the island, we just watched them all waiting around.

    I was looking forward to seeing Locke get to the temple with Richard, hopefully next week. I thought the pacing would be stepped up big time this season as they’ve only got 18 episodes to tie it all up, but i guess from last nights show they’re still gonna stretch it out.

  12. Ok this in my opinion was not the worst episode.. we did have the nikki and paulo episode after all as mentioned by Bailey.

    And we did learn that the infection does actually exist and – please dont shoot me for this – i like kate ๐Ÿ™‚

    Chief, if Sawyer dies next week i will blame YOU and only you!

  13. SawyerGirl45 – I don’t necissarily have a problem with Kate, I have a problem with how focused they are on her. I don’t need to see a 4 minute skit of her getting her cuffs off. I know she’s a runner. We all know she is, the writers wasted time showing us this crap IMO.

    Okay, I’m terribly sorry for the scare. I don’t really want Sawyer to die. I surely don’t care about his problems right now though. They’re out of place.

    I don’t want to see 9 losties in all different corners of the island 3 episodes from now. I want them to stick together so the story can progress in a timely manner. That’s essentially what I’m worried about. Everyone needs to stop running for just a little bit.

  14. Chief, I’m with you on the pace of the episode. The ending caught me completely by surpsise… not because it was Claire being all Danielly but because I was shocked the episode was over… it felt like not enough stuff had happened yet for it to be over.

    Kim, I’m with you on the rest of it. There was a TON of stuff in this episode. We got a bunch of information about Danielle (indirectly, but still…), we found out for sure what happened to Claire, we learned what probably happens to the bodies we’ve seen disappear on the island (like Christian… anyone interested in learning about him?), We might have learned something about the rules too… like why is it that the Others don’t just kill Sayid when they find out he’s “claimed”? They can’t! They need Jack to get him to take the pill willingly! So I think we learned quite a bit last night…

  15. Shephards_flocke –

    The Flocke story intrigues me more than anything, I wanted to see that too. I was okay with waiting another week for that though. At the same time, I’m not sure I can recall a good part of last night’s episode. That’s a problem

  16. Highbrow – I’m obviously too focused on the negatives. I agree that Kim has some great points as well. I like that fact that not everyone is MIB now. Everyone’s just “infected” instead.

  17. Its funny you talk about the story progressing, i was thinking about it the other day, as much as i have enjoyed lost, if you imagine the whole of lost as a book or movie, there isn’t really a story if you sum it up, just events that keep the viewer watching.

    Its a TV show and like most TV shows the story is only incidental to the commercial breaks, you could probably follow the whole show by watching just before the ad breaks and just before the end titles, thats when the good stuff happens, most of the time the rest is filler.

    That being said, next weeks episode better make up for this one.

  18. Shepards_Flocke – such a good point. It is kind of scary when you think about it.

    It’s literally impossible to summarize this show to someone else. Not a lot really goes on every week when you look at it. I guess that’s alright though, cause it sure has kept my interest over the years. When a show like this stops entertaining you though….well, you hope next week is better.

  19. let me retweet some classic damon lindelof from last night…

    RT @DamonLindelof: For those of you complaining of “filler.” Seriously. PLEASE WATCH NCIS: LA. I promise not to hold it against you.

  20. @ blakecomer – I saw that, too…so funny.

    Okay Chief, disagreeable me again. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think we have to remember that the closest word they could get to explaining it to Jack in English is “infected” — I don’t think that rules out MIB being them. As in, he’s in the process of taking them over, in a way. To me they were saying that “infected” is still limited in what it actually is describing.

    And how about how this ties together with the French team calling it (Smokey & ultimately their sickness) a “security system”? That seems important to tie together and think about how that relates to the opposing sides between Jacob & MIB.

  21. Kimberly – feel free to disagree all day, I understand I’m being a bit harsh on the show, and disagreements are what clarify things in the end anyway, so it’s all good.

    I think they used the word “claimed” (as well as infected), and that did in fact open my eyes a little.

    I’m wondering if we need to all re-think who we refer to as “MIB”. It’s starting to look like there’s a “dark force” taking over people, more than a specific person. MIB was originally referring to a man on the beach with Jacob, and is now referring to Flocke, it could now refer to Sayid and Claire as well.

    There might be someone in charge, behind all of this “infection”, that we have yet to see. I’m putting my bets on that. Flocke, the man with Jacob on the beach, the new Sayid, Claire, etc. might be more of an essense than anything. Can’t wait to see how this all transpires.

  22. I would agree with your use of the word “force” (not to just go all Star Wars) on many levels. Besides fitting what Jacob and MIB represent, it also totally fits with the “choices” theme…just look at a few from last night’s episode (in no particular order):

    – Claire had the choice to either have Aaron in the hospital or wait
    – Dogen needed Sayid to choose to take the pill
    – Dogen couldn’t make Sawyer stay and then all of the conversations about how Kate could persuade him to come back. (Not force, but persuade.)
    – Dogen & hippie’s statement to Jack about how he chose to come in and talk to them (where they were going to try to force him in LA X pt. 2, right before Sayid woke up)
    – Kate chose to go back and find Claire rather than keep running

    It just make sense that the forces are not just “sides” like MIB or Jacob. The destiny stuff is everywhere.

  23. How about when Claire chose to go with Kate when Kate offered her a ride? It’s not just that she had a choice in that case but that she made the completely insane choice.

  24. Good call there guys. Obviously everything boils down to choices and the list can go on and on, but in a show where destiny is so significant, those are the things to pick up on that have that much more meaning. Especially if you believe at some point the “parallel” timelines will somehow intersect (my geometry teacher would be pissed at me since parallel implies intersecting is impossible) OR that the Losties will have some final significant choices to make to close the series.

    Did anyone see Michael Emerson’s statement about the show:

    “What if you saw the answer/meaning to everything but you didn’t recognize it?”

  25. off topic, but i find it funny that Dogens hippy sidekick is called ‘Lennon’ and has the exact same glasses as John Lennon, that can’t be a coincidence.

    Does that make Dogen Yoko Ono?

  26. I had absolutely no idea Disney owns LOST. (I don’t pay much attention to things.) I’m honetly not sure why that’s a bad thing though. The producers and staff still have control over what happens in the show right? I’m asking seriously, I don’t know how a TV show comes together behind the scenes.

  27. LOVE Kimberly’s observations about the water! Good one!! Also, I do believe that this show is all about opposing forces. We’ve seen it so many times throughout the seasons – Sawyer vs. Jack, the others vs. losties, ben vs. Lock, Widmore vs. Ben, MIB vs. Jacob, etc. now that the forces have been flip flopped with the incident (or Jacob’s death, which caused it?), I think the resolution to the show will have something to do with how the opposing forces will always coexist and balance each other out.
    Anyway, I do agree that this episode seemed slow. NOT NEARLY as bad as Nikki and Paulo. Seriously, how are they going to resolve everything at this rate?

  28. ifoundmyloophole,

    I to remember them saying this about the extended rights to the show, a couple times.
    Chief don’t worry about THE show however as they also said they are telling the story they want to tell and they’re story will be wrapped up in the finale, with no plans to ‘finish’ the story in a follow on movie or series.
    s’all good.

  29. LOST in 3D? I’d definitely be first in line to watch that!

    Do you think we could start a petition or something ๐Ÿ™‚ OOOH this has got me all excited!

    *Giggles, then walks away in shame*

  30. Chief, I must say I agree that some scenes are unneccesarily long and pretty unimportant. But like I said before, I have the feeling that it’s often the Kate-episodes which seem to have those long (seemingly) unimportant scenes, and those are the ones I like the least.

    Probably also has to do with the kind of character. Kate just isn’t that special compared to Locke or Jack or Desmond.

  31. Yeah, Kate’s always just kinda been there. She seems to cause more problems than anything which really seems to delay the outcome of things.

    I felt the same way about Charlie as well. Everyone got upset when he died. I bet the entire music industry let out a silent sigh of relief. Drive Shaft was horrendous.

  32. Chiefof16, i completely agree with you. LA X was a really good double episode and set season 6 up brilliantly. Then this weeks episode was incredibly poor imo.

    Considering there are soo many mysteries to be solved and questions to be answered, this episode told us nothing apart from some sort of darkness growing in Sayid. apart from that, very little happened.

    they spent too much time showing us the alternate timeline which, at the moment, seems to bear very little purpose within the story on the island.

  33. Thanks I_Am_Jacob,

    I feel like such an ass focusing on all the negatives lately, but when an episode is THIS uneventful, I feel something needed said.

    That being said, Sayid being infected will probably turn out to be big news. It shows that many “people” probably are infected. Like you said though, that’s literally all we were shown. It might be 13 episodes until we find out what he/they are infected with for all we know.

    About 20 minutes of this episode was unneeded. Was the audience supposed to gasp when Claire named her baby Aaron? Did we have to see Kate get her cuffs off? Did Sawyer really have to run off like a drama queen?

    The important thing is, next week will be better. Only a few days away!





  35. Hi chief i thought exactly the same thing what a waste. It left me more frustrated than enlightened ๐Ÿ™

    You mentioned the scene where we see Kate getting her handcuffs off ive just posted a question in theories, questions and fun that shows a snap shot of the man who helps her take the cuffs off and it looks and sounds very similar to the first time we saw Jacob in the cabin saying “help me” have a look and see if you agree with me

  36. Foxfan,

    Welcome to the site. Not sure why your comment isn’t showing at the bottom….

    What you’re saying makes sense. With what we have to work with right now, I’d say it makes about as much sense as anything could.

    We just haven’t been given much information to theorize on at this moment. It’s hard for ME anyway. We have an alternate timeline going on that’s making no sense to anyone. Sayid is “claimed” by some sorta “darkness”, whatever that means. Claire’s alive and kickin, if it even IS Claire. I feel it’s a real rough patch in the show. I just wish these next few episodes would happen already so that we would at least have a feel on where this show is going.

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