First they were going to shoot our losties. Then they tortured Sayid. The two guys helping Kate and Jin seem about as enlightened as my ass. Then they tried to shoot Jin. Is it just me or do these guys not seem very trustworthy?

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19 thoughts on “Trust?

  1. i was thinking the same thing. shouldn’t they know that they can’t kill the losties? like didn’t the note jacob brought hint at it. or the fact that they keep on being brought to the island. and they must know of the time travel from richard.

    its just weird.

  2. I’m not sure you can really make a clear distinction between the Temple Others and the other Others. That guy who wanted to shoot Jin was with Ben and them back at the barracks… So it’s mainly the same group I think, except probably for the temple leadership.

  3. Hey dabs glad my ass made you laugh. But seriously it’s one thing to be zen like when you recieved a note from Jacob saying keep these people safe when you were just about to murder innocents who had never harmed or intended to harm you. That note couldhave said anything. This a temple a place where sacrifices were made in previous times.

  4. Hi daddyx, only the fact that it was enlightened, which was what struck me as funny.

    I think everyone here is in agreement that when it comes to ‘the others’ the words and the music don’t seem to go together.

    I never trusted ‘the others’, but I do think we will find out that there was good reason not to trust them.

  5. at this point i don’t completely disagree with about trusting the others. there are a lot of red flags in my mind. i don’t really want to trust them. i don’t think they deserve to be trusted. but i trust jacob. and i feel like jacob is so pure. and since they are seemingly on jacob’s side – i feel like i should trust them. but they are too many contradictions.

    what if we look at it like this. God is so pure. He is so good. but his followers are flawed human beings. and so where God is so good his followers, even in trying to do what God wants, are screwed up.

    ghandi said about christinity – “i like your Christ. i do not like your christians. your christians are so unlike your Christ”

    i would change that to – “i like Jacob. i don’t like the others. the others are so unlike Jacob.”

    and @eko – correct me if i’m wrong, but richard hasn’t had time to tell them about the time travel. he’s been with flocke ever since he has gotten a real grasp of it. sure he saw them in the 50s and 70s but he didn’t really seem to know what was going on until 2007 when the second plane got there.

  6. well i can’t corect you because we don’t know all the pieces yet…but they did build the ajira runway because they knew it was coming…

    i think they knew a lot more once eloise got hold of faraday’s journal. there seems to be a good 20-30 years to tell them about what he/they know.

  7. The runway is an interesting topic now… Why did they build it? Since they didn’t take the time 20 years earlier to build a decent one we can conclude that they had just learned that they had to build it and one would assume that the instruction had been given by Jacob through Ben… but now it seems possible that Ben was receiving instructions he only thought were coming from Jacob. Jacob doesn’t really seem too concerned with Ben while it is obvious that Ben has been communicating with someone (“all those LISTS!”)… So maybe the instruction to build the runway came from black shirt guy instead in order to get John Locke’s body back to the island.

  8. Ah yes i agree with Highbrow. Maybe MIB couldnt risk Lockes body getting squashed in a crash so he ordered the runway to be built so it could land safe and sound 🙂

  9. Well he has more on that plane to bring to the island than just Locke’s dead body. Ben Linus is on the plane and if he dies in a crash he won’t be able to stab Jacob.

  10. People have suggested there are two groups of others. The long-time others and those brought. Why? The two guys w/Kate/Jin were crappy trackers. The ’04 others could track the wind … but what I don’t get is that Alex wasn’t a ‘real’ other … and knew nothing of the Temple.

    The runway – was for the plane to land. I still can’t figure out why Sun was on it, though (besides for dramatic effect to keep her/Jin apart and probably have one/both die in an oh-so-sad episode).

    Writers … tighten up the script for us o-c(s)out here.

  11. the others are just preparing for a “war”, they have to keep the losties in the temple so the Dark Man cant “influnce” his cause and recruit them. the others are just doing as jacob told them, i think the losties are going to be key players in this “war”. and if it means beating and fear mongering them into staying, than in the end it is for there own good (or jacobs).

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