The collective.

The spring is a place where the collective concious of every person from everey reality coexists and can be accessed. It’s not an alternate timeline or an alternate universe it’s an alternate reality. It is sustained by belief predicated on freewill and a collective conciousness. The many worlds theory states that every person you could have been exists simultaneously. In this world you made the choice to marry the blonde instead of the brunnette, in the other world you married the brunnette. Reductionest I know but you can see what I mean. 

We are obviously  supposed to think that when Jacob died his conciousness went to this pool; dying Sayid was dipped and collected dead Jacobs conciousness. Is it a part of Sayid or the whole of him. Or does this collective pool stretch across alternate realities to a point where a version of Sayid has just died or been rendered unconcious. 

Will we see Sayids death in the 2004 timeline. Will this be the writers device to connect all the losties via  both univeres’. 

We could see the losties all die in one universe but the purpose of that failure would be to be sucessfull in the alternate universe. 

I must go for I am very drunk and my work here is done.          

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5 thoughts on “The collective.

  1. Hmmm??? I dont get it fully but maybe if I get drunk as well then read it again it might all make sense.

    I’ll save that one for this Saturday which will be my 21st b-day an I should get it then for sure.

  2. If Jacob’s consciousness was skinny-dipping in the temple hot tub, why did it turn into a nasty brown mess? All connections with Jacob have been about whiteness and purity. The LOSS of Jacob is what muddied the waters. I think it’s safer to assume that Esau is connected to the swimming hole now. The whole “soul soup” idea is a little too Deus ex Machina for me.

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