Sunk Island

When we see the alt timeline that the bomb supposedly caused we see the island underwater, but what about the second island that we see at the end of one of the seasons? do we assume that it is also underwater? if not the alt time line that has been created my still have one of the islands and maybe the game still plays out for them, they still might be drawn to one of the islands!

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12 thoughts on “Sunk Island

  1. Another question is why the island or islands are sunk at all? Can a detonation cause the island to sink like that while Dharmaville remains intact? There is even a Dharma shark still alive there. Was it the energy pocket that kept the island afloat?

  2. The things on the island SHOULD have been obliterated if that bomb went off..

    What I think happened that, the bomb went off to “turn on” the electromagnetic field. But this time, instead of moving the island from one body of water to another, it “moved” underwater. Not sink, but teleported!

  3. I think it is becoming more clear now that if the bomb went off that it negated the affect of the electromagnetic release allowing Dharma to build the Swan, etc.

    Why the Island is sunk in the ALT reality has not been revealed yet, I think we will see why later on

  4. So if islands are the tops of volcanoes then are we to assume that the entire volcano structure under the island crumbled, or is the island not “built”like a regular island?

  5. On Jimmy Kimmel the Cuse said that that scene showing the island underwater gives clues as to why it is under water, and when it may have happened…..hinting that maybe it wasnt a direct result of the bomb going off.

  6. The shot of the island underwater was really flat and the island isn’t, maybe just extra dodgy CGI or what if the island ‘flashed’ away but this time all the man made artifacts didn’t flash with it, but sank to the bottom. Kind of the opposite of if you are touching something it time flashes with you?

  7. I think the Island is underwater as a result of everything sorting itself out. It was sunk so Jacob cannot bring anyone else to the Island, ie the end of Lost, everything works itself out. The alternate timeline, how it was supposed to be…..

  8. How do we know the second island is called “Hydra”? How much mythology do people think there is in Lost? Please google Hydra and check it out a bit – nine heads (7 Candidates, Jacob and MIB) with only one being immortal. I personally hope it isn’t this strongly connected to Greek or Egyptian mythology, but who knows?!

  9. I don’t know username. It just struck me when watching it that the island is really mountainous, yet the stuff seemed to be just sitting on the flat sand at the bottom. I don’t think the island necessarily moved when the bomb went off. My questions are what happened to the people, if the man made stuff stayed behind, did the people move with it or not? Did the island move itself, kind of like it’s own protection strategy – a purge to clear out the corruption, fighting and death? My husband thinks I’m a bit silly on this one.

  10. Tas, the whole show is a bit silly so i don’t think your thoughts are unreasonable. Locke always thought the Island was special as if it was a symbiotic being, so why not. The Island decided it’s own death was the only way to get rid of all the corruption.

    aminojaku, I like that idea, I think the link is there as well.

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