Did the boy look like Aaron?

The little boy (young Jacob?) who appears to Flocke in the jungle in episode 4 of season 6, does he look anything like little Aaron? I don’t have those episodes but perhaps someone else can tell. It seems like pretty important information here…

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21 thoughts on “Did the boy look like Aaron?

  1. I also thought of aaron first. But whoever the boy is, obviousliy there is someone/something higher rankend than jacob and nemesis… i find this even more important…

  2. I thought it was Aaron as well….I think you’re right Scarab. There’s someone else pulling the strings here. How the hell would MIB NOT know who it was? And how the hell could Sawyer see him as well?

  3. Yeh, that was a cool spanner in the works.
    The first thing i thought was ‘its Aaron!’ and then ‘Its young Jacob!’, either one of these options is correct or the writers want us to think that and are playing their mindgames.

    Definitely is important that theres some ‘higher power’ we haven’t been introduced to yet, the kid reminds Flocke of the rules, so whos rules are they?

  4. I imagine that the kid is probably someone special along the same lines as Walt… There’s probably some guy back on the beach looking for him screaming “Bloooooond

    I think the most important thing we saw from the kid running around on the island was Focke on the ground yelling “don’t tell me what I can’t do!” at him. That kid is the first thing we’ve seen capable of getting under Focke’s skin. I think that’s a young Jacob and that little scene was a hint at the reasons Focke wants so badly to kill him.

    I also think that Focke is, for all intents and purposes, John Locke. Maybe it’s the smoke monster in John Locke form but he’s stuck that way (well, that and in smoke form) and the original John Locke is most definitely in there. I think that John Locke the candidate made his decision and has become the new guy in a black shirt.

  5. Is it going to be “Aaaaaaaron!” or “Jaaaaaacob!”, hmm…?

    It was definitely telling to see Flocke start whining like Locke (“don’t tell me what I can’t do!”).

    It was of course also interesting to note that Sawyer saw the kid but Richard didn’t. I guess this means that Sawyer is more chosen than Richard in some sense. A candidate?

    I feel that the kid appeared every time I thought that Flocke was possibly about to attack someone – first Richard and Saywer – like some sort of protector.

  6. The boy seemed to be a “spirit” (just as Christian appears) and what I found interesting is the only other time that two people have been able to see the same type of spirit it involved Sawyer as well (when he saw the black horse with Kate). Not sure what that means or if that is the only other time but its what I first thought of when I saw the scene because it reminded me of when Kate asked Sawyer if he saw the horse too.

  7. Actually, Claire & Miles saw Cristian at the same time… Syiad & Shannon saw Walt at the same time…

    Honestly, my first thought was the boy was somehow Locke. Not usre why, but it was almost like Flocke was chasing his own ghost and was completely thrown off by the boys appearance.

  8. Ardent Knight, do you mean that the boy was Locke, MIB or both?

    Then, did the boy have blood on his arms because of something that Locke/MIB experienced as a child?

    Or was it just suggesting that the little kid had grown up to be a murderer with blood on his hands?

  9. The boy is Jacob. That’s why MIB recognized him, I think Jacob presented himself in a form that MIB would recognize and pay attention to, back when they were good friends. I think they knew each other as children, best friends running around the island, if not brothers. Maybe this brought back warm confusing memories for MIB. And kind of a mind game by Jacob.

  10. I dont think the boy is Jacob, the boy referred to Jacob as “him”. “You know the rules your not allowed to kill him”.

    It could be Aaron or it could be someone wayyy off. Someone from the rest of the story. I had a way off thought, Just before the boy appeared the second time, Flocke had just finished saying he had lost someone close to him, could it be his son appearing to him the way the other losties et loved ones have appeared to them?..i know that might be totally crazy but just a thought.

  11. Ive read a lot about games (backgammon, baseball and chess). Also, this idea that all these moves have to be made with the help of someone else, in baseball you move the runner, in chess you are often stuck until another piece is moved. They have to force others to make moves to take out a pawn etc so they can free up space to make their move. Checkmate when MIB had Ben kill Jacob but if he broke the rules then who knows, and little aaron is above MIB/Jacob as rulemaker. With checkmate you entrap the king and force them to move to where the king is vulnerable. Someone mentioned the numbers relating to backgammon and having to get back home in that game but I dont know backgammon. Seems too simple to be a game but not sure why they keep referring to rules. Too many variables to apply to a simple game I think, unless dharma was just there to set up the board and then get killed off so the real players could arrive, ha. Im all the way back to purgatory and its a game to get to heaven, jacobs ladder, etc.

  12. Jenius, don’t you think that the boy is referring to Sawyer when he says “him”? Wouldn’t he have used passed tence if he was talking about Jacob?

  13. Peteike, I hope it’s not a game like Backgammon, but it’s interesting to note for example that in chess, a King cannot come in direct contact with another King.

  14. I just took it that the boy was a young MIB. He did have blood on his hands and he seemed “disappointed” that he had broken the rules by having Jacob killed. That’s what I took from it… Kind of his conscience

  15. Its a definite that kids have a very particular connection with the island. Walt seems like a testament to this.I think upon seeing him the first time (all covered in blood) I thought it was only visible to Locke. The second time tho it was visible to Sawyer (a candidate) him being covered in blood reminded me of when Locke had a dream and Boone was covered in blood, because he would cause Boones death. I definitely think the kid is someone we know and not a whole new character.

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