Sawyer and Flocke/MIB

This makes quite a bit of sense in my head… I’m just not sure how well It’ll translate in to words…

MIB has stated many times how he wants to leave the island, but what if he can only leave if he finds a replacement for himself? I’m thinking that he’ll attempt to make Sawyer his replacement. There’s an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark called The Tale of the Forever Game, .

IMDB-AYAOTD The Tale of the Forever Game
“Impatient with his younger sister Monica’s inability to keep up with him and his friend Mark while biking in the woods, Peter leaves them behind, but then leads them on an unfamiliar trail were the three get lost and seem to be going in circles back to an odd tree. They split up but instead of leaving, he goes to examine the tree, then is transported inside and falls into a room with a board game and a mysterious boy, Nathaniel. He offers to play the Forever Game with Peter, who accepts but then realizes that every move made on the board effects the woods Monnica and Mark are still looking for him in, by changing the whether or causing strange things to happen. And the game’s winner will not only release those in the woods but also be freed from the tree – while the loser must stay behind.”

After watching “The Substitute” it feels like something similar is going to happen where MIB will try to get Sawyer to do something with him that would cause MIB to be released while Sawyer must remain on the island (possibly as the smoke monster).

This is basically one of my first theories… so please don’t be too brutal… 🙂

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My sister got me started on the show. She now hates it with a firey passion and is ready to punch me in the face anytime I mention it. I guess she's not cool enough for it. My favorite characters are Sawyer, Hurley, Charlie, and Desmond.

9 thoughts on “Sawyer and Flocke/MIB

  1. I have felt since the beginning of season 6 that Sawyer and Jack have seemed to act similiar to that of Jacob and MIB! They both seem to be building up a tension that we saw last season between Jacob/MIB. Could Jack and Sawyer be the new Jacob/ MIB?

  2. I agree with your theory. its seems as though MIB was looking for his own candidate – presumably as a replacement. I do wonder, when he asked Sawyer, “do you want to go home?” what exactly he was referring to as home. i believe MIB will use some jedi like mind trick to get sawyer to do what he wants and wind up as his replacement.

  3. I have had this exact thought. It seems as though MIB is all about tricking people in order to manipulate them. He first tried Richard, but then when that didn’t work out, he went in search of Sawyer. Perhaps his only way “home” is to be released… and that can only happen if he finds someone who willingly takes over his role on the island. It’s all about free will, only MIB is happy to trick people into making decisions.

    Good thought here!

  4. I totally agree, the Idea that in 500 years jack and sawyer will end up freaking out and being secretive towards some unsuspecting… future crash survivors is kinda cool. although this brings me to wonder what will happen to all the rest of the losties that have survived for the final season.

    Thanks for posting this theory before I did btw, saves me the energy 😛

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