Ben has been “claimed” his entire life

Written 16th February

I just re-watched the season five finale and we know that Richard takes little Ben to the Temple. Now we don’t see what exactly happened BUTTTTT I think it is safe to assume since he was “saved” he was placed in the spring. Now we saw Sayid on the verge of death be revived but he was obviously altered. Now, if this happened to little Ben he might have been claimed by something from the spring. Richard also said he would never be the same again. The problem is we have no idea who claimed Ben or who side he is on.

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2 thoughts on “Ben has been “claimed” his entire life

  1. Ben and Sayid are different. It is reasonable to assume that Ben was put in the spring and that it worked back then. Now the spring water isn’t clean and the healing doesn’t seem to work. Remember that Dogen’s hand didn’t heal when he cut it and put it in the water, and they seemed pretty sure that the spring did not save Sayid’s life.

  2. yeah i tend to think that the risk is being claimed. Ben confuses me though hes good hes bad hes good hes bad, but im 99% sure hes a good guy that has had to do some bad things in the belief its best for the island, i dont think its an eternal evil just a mindwashed evil

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