Why does MIB want to leave?

I have been utterly confused ever since Season 6 has been hinting at MIB’s desire to “go home”. In Season 5, the MIB-Jacob scene on the beach clearly shows MIB’s disagreement with Jacob that mankind shouldn’t be brought to the island, because “they corrupt, all ends the same.” This led me to believe MIB is kind of like the protector of the island; that it’s better off only MIB and Jacob be the only intelligent beings allowed to exist on the island. MIB wants to kill Jacob because that would mean no more people would be coming to the island because Jacob was the one bringing them to the island.

Now in Season 6, MIB wants to “go home.” This could be on the island, namely the temple; or it could be somewhere off the island. But after MIB’s conversation with Sawyer, it’s looking like he shares the same desire as Sawyer that he wants to leave the island. Not only that, it looks like MIB needs Sawyer, a human being, to help him leave.

This seems to be the complete opposite of MIB’s original Season 5 original intent.
Season 5 MIB: Keep mankind off the island in order to live in peace and avoid mankind’s corruption
Season 6 MIB: Recruit human beings to help me leave the island.

Does anybody else share this confusion? Any thoughts?

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5 thoughts on “Why does MIB want to leave?

  1. i didnt share the confusion until you made this very good point! I think until we find out what Nemesis’ ultimate goal is, your point may remain a mystery.

  2. I’m really starting to wonder if the man with Jacob on the beach is literally the same person that smokie/Flocke is. Obviously everyone’s under that impression, but we really don’t have any reason to know for sure. Okay, that’s out there, for now I’ll assume it’s all the same MIB.

    However, after hearing Flocke yell “Don’t tell me what I can’t do”, I’m thinking that MIB shares beliefs with the bodies he’s in control of.

    Regardless, he seems to be contradicting himself pretty well as you point out.

  3. I too was wondering why MIB wants to go home and what is “home” to MIB? Why now. Why does Jacob need a replacement? They were lining up candidates long before Ben killed him. If Jacob has been around so long, why would they need be looking at so many candidates at this particular point in time. So many questions.

    Oh and I also thought that the comment by Flocke, don’t tell me what I can’t do, was interesting. Makes me thing that this could not be MIB as a child. Not Jabob either, because these two have known the rules for as long as there have been rules…..maybe they made up the rules. So many questions.

  4. It does sound very contradictory, but I personally think that MIB/Flocke/Smokey is lying to Sawyer. He’s telling him this sad story of wanting to go home because he knows it will resonate with Sawyer, and then Sawyer will join him in his evil adventure. As Ilana said, he’s recruiting, and he’ll tell anyone anything he needs to convince them to join him.

  5. I think he’s manipulating Sawyer because only a candidate can help him leave the island. Just in the same way that by taking the form of a candidate (Locke) got him access to Jacob. I don’t think he’s allowed to kill the candidates. I dont get why he wants to leave the island, clearly he’s after something. Maybe he’s just trying to smoke the others out the temple. If they get wind of his plan then they’ll have to stop him somehow.

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