David’s Mom

I just read an episode recap from EW’s Jeff Jensen. There was a section in his recap that did give me goosebumps. It’s a total guess on his part, but very believable! Check out his recap on his EW page.

About David’s mom. She wasn’t at the house when Jack visited at night. Where was she, Jeff asked? Going dutch and getting coffee. Probably with someone else…. you know.


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I'm the dumbest guy in the world. I haven't watched Lost until the summer of 2009. I watched all four seasons within a few days, now I'm starting to again recently, in addition to season five! woot! :P

12 thoughts on “David’s Mom

  1. I thought that it might be Sarah–maybe their marriage lasted long enough in this timeline for her to have their son, and then they got divorced anyway–universe course correcting again!

  2. There were photographs taped up on David’s bedroom wall. They were only visible for a split second, so I had to go back and look. To me one of the photos looks a bit like Juliet and Rachel with a black dog.

    Even if it’s not really the actors themselves in the photo, they look enough like them to serve the purpose of the photo…

    So yeah, I am loving this idea!

  3. now i’m going 2 watch his room in slow mo, b/c i’m a dork like that… i definitely think juliet… i think sarah died in the accident. jack saved shannon’s dad in the alt and that’s why she wasn’t on the plane.

  4. Sinster, from one dork to another lol! look at the wall behind Jack right after he goes into the room, and let me know what you think?

    You will see three photos. The one on the bottom looks like David dressed in hospital garb, the one above it looks like him laying on a beach with a blonde woman posing with him in the photo… in this photo the woman is too hard to make out, but she’s definitely a blonde. Then the one at the top looks like Juliet, Rachel and a black dog!

  5. Ok Sinster, first things first… Breathe! lol! David’s room… just shortly after Jack goes into his room, they are behind Jack taped to the wall. Like I said, they are only visible for a split second. So, you have to be really quick with the remote. I just went back to look again and there are actually 4 photos. The 4th photo looks like an older teenage girl with light brown hair. But, I don’t think she resembles anyone that we know.

  6. Thanks cliff… I just hunted down and found a screencap!

    Here is a link to a screencap that I found on lost-media…

    There are actually more photos on the wall than I thought I saw… It’s the one at the very top that I think looks a bit like Juliet and Rachel… and it looks like one of them is holding a black puppy… Then there is also a picture of a black dog by itself… And, the one at the bottom that I thought looked like a teenage girl, is actually a woman.

  7. OMG… I just saw them… I saw those on the wall when I was searching, but wasn’t sure those were the ones u meant…. Sure does look like it could be juoliet

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