‘Dude this is cool’ – (Lighthouse Protractor Names)

These are the names on the crank of the Lighthouse protractor, they cut off at 94 and start again at 61. Notice the number 108 and comment on what you think that is all about… but i dont think that that is the 108 Jacob meant.


|Names which are seen but not known

|Names which are crossed out but known

|——– Names which are undecipherable

|Names which are known and not crossed out

130. Tillman
129. Cample
128. Paddok
127. Mopa
126. Lenti
125. Owens
124. Dawson
123. Ay
122. Freed
121. Nielson
120. Rodriguez
119. Dimeidn
118. Ellauer
117. Linus
116. Lambert
115. Raequas
114. Vamanda
113. Worden
112. Horten
111. Klein
110. Orsas
109. Friendly
108. Wallace
107. Thomson
106. Salgzynski
105. Anaa
104. Lewis
103. Horsman
102. Domand
101. Faraday
100. Baikfield
99. Boskon
98. Horton
97. Pallison
96. Greeson
95. Pollen
94. Cohen
61. Danis
60. Ryske
59. Suout
58. Borke
57. ——–
56. Darson
55. ——–
54. Dlarti
53. Osasroll
52. Nien
51. Austen
50. Nemmet
49. ——–
48. Stadadpe
47. Golas
46. ——–
45. ——–
44. Anranez
43. Barnes
42. Kwon
41. ——–
40. Dowsett
39. Ortoke
38. ——–
37. Tepans
36. Sysmanksi
35. Brenman
34. Grimaidi
33. Noim
32. Rutherford
31. Novrk
30. Wade
29. Mernder
28. Hohpasd
27. Dorrie
26. Bozarth
25. Asher
24. Kloxen
23. Shephard
22. Moorhead
21. Meheney
20. Rousseau
19. Nguyen
18. Kuerrier
17. Baraes
16. Jarrah
15. Ford
14. Pryee
13. Boukoh
12. Fostor

We also see the place in Korea where Jin and Sun were wed, where Jacob came to them and touched them. We also see the church where James’ parents funeral was held. We also saw Jack’s childhood house. All in the Lighthouse mirror.

Please leave comments on who you think some of the people may be, and just general chit-chat… Thank You.

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9 thoughts on “‘Dude this is cool’ – (Lighthouse Protractor Names)

  1. thank you very much Andre7, i too am surprised by the unfamiliar 108 name… also by ’51’ Kate, took me ages to figure some of them out… i hope that they may be of some die hard fan use… maybe to dig up some old characters and ‘Candidates’

  2. What I thought was cool is that you could see human images in the mirrors…

    Someone carrying the front end of a coffin in the church image. There was a bride and groom, and another man in a suit in the pagoda image. Another image there appeared to be a man and woman, the man was carrying what looked like a baby, and in this image the pagoda was still in the background. And, the first image of Jack’s house I could swear that I saw what looked like Smokey in the front yard. But, that couldn’t be right now, could it???

  3. Maybe Jack’s son (David) doesn’t have the same surname (Shepard). The reason I think it could be David is that in the bible;

    Psalm 23 “The Lord is My Shepherd.” Jack’s number is 23.


    Psalm 108 is the “Psalm of David”

    Also all the male candidtaes have a J in their name except for Hurley;
    4) John
    8) Hurley
    15) James
    23) Jack
    42) Jin
    So the first name that springs to mind is obviously Jacob but I don’t think that is the case. But considering these names are before Linus’s etc., they could have been canditates before Jacob.

  4. The first thing that came to my mind was William Wallace.. as in Braveheart. Don’t know if there’s any relevance there, but it might be an interesting link.
    In terms of the importance of 108 – I’m not entirely convinced that Jacob meant that someone from off-island was coming. I think he knew what bearing the mirror was on and knew that when the mirror moved… it would go past Jack’s name, and Jack would throw a fit. Jack saw what Jacob needed him to see. In terms of the ‘someone coming’ – I’m gonna say that he meant that Flocke was coming to the temple – another reason for Jacob to get his two shapeliest candidates outta there!

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