Jughead didn’t create the ALT, the alt is the PREVIOUS timeline.

This past week alot of things in Losts story are becoming clearer to me and pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I could be wrong, but thats why they’re theories right?

Anyway, this stems from another theory of mine on the purpose of the flash sideways, anyone who wants to read that, go here…

To me its never made sense that what happened in the incident would cause the creation of an alternate timeline where the island had sunk, i think thats what the writers wanted us to think, and have been dropping misleading hints, but i wasn’t buying it. Then i realised, wouldn’t it make ALOT more sense that the OPPOSITE was true? Bare with me here…

Juliette detonating that bomb SAVED the island from sinking! the alternate timeline is a reality where the losties never came to the island, and in turn never went back to 1977, interrupted the drilling and let off Jughead, and THIS is why the island in that timeline is underwater. How would the island sink from the explosion, if in this alt scenario the losties have never been there to detonate it? That would be way to confusing to try and explain, and is a paradox.

I propose that in the ALT, Dharma proceeded to drill into the pocket of ‘energy’ without Jack and co’s interference, releasing some of the islands ‘magical magicness’ as i like to call it, and its this that caused the island to ‘sink’. In the timeline we’ve previously been seeing, the explosion of the bomb neutralized this energy, and prevented the island from sinking. With the powerful energy neutralized, Dharma built the hatch over it, and its use was to keep the energy at bay by pressing that button every 108 minutes, one day Desmond forgot to press the button and Oceanic 815 crashed etc etc. Whatever happened, happened right?

Think back to what happened in the incident, It was pretty clear that if Dharma had continued what they were doing that day, the outcome would’ve been terrible. Thankfully, the losties did the exact opposite of what they were trying to and saved the island, but instead of stopping the hatch being built, they helped make it possible.

I believe its likely that both timelines have always existed, OR more likely the alternate timeline we’re seeing now is actually the ORIGINAL timeline before the one we’ve been seeing seasons 1-5 and isn’t running alongside it. I remember the producers said in a podcast that they wouldn’t use the term ‘parallel’ timeline to describe it, but they freely use the term ‘alternate’ timeline, this to me seems like a little hint.

I think this all makes alot of sense, and clears up some of the stuff i had previously found a little confusing. Its also not to convoluted to understand, and you don’t need to bring up Quantum Physics to explain it. I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but for me it was a lightbulb over the head moment. The alt is a reality where all the potentially world saving actions the losties have taken never occured, so the apocalyptic event everyone is trying to prevent will happen there, and we will see it (Maybe its this ‘event’ that hurls the universe back in time again). Its gonna be HELLA COOL! Let me know your thoughts.

On another note, i think we’re going to find out that Dharma/Hanso have been behind this whole time and space changing experiment to save the world and possibly the universe, as i have done for a while, but thats for another theory as its just speculation.

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I'm a hiphop producer from London, and obviously a huge fan of Lost. Its a bit of a love/hate thing as its made me cynical of all other TV shows (Heroes being one of the most overrated poorly written shows i've seen). Never been into much big american TV drama or Sci-fi, more into british comedy, but Lost has been amazing, and i really hope it continues that awesomeness in its final season. I'm usually pretty good at predicting the end of a story which can annoy people around me, but this show is so intricately constructed, even in its 2nd to last season, i still don't have a clue. I'm trying my best though.

31 thoughts on “Jughead didn’t create the ALT, the alt is the PREVIOUS timeline.

  1. That makes absolute sense and feels to me how it IS going to be. I never thought that the bomb was actually like ‘kaboom’ detonated but that the split second of energy it created negated the energy from the pocket. And if what was happening at the site (sans bomb) were to keep happening, it seems possible that it’d suck the whole damn place into itself.

  2. I was thinking along these lines from the start of the season but didn’t know how to write it…..I’ve been thinking the bomb didn’t sink it… It’s always been sunk

    I also realized awhile back that what we have been watching for 5 years IS the alt timeline… The original is what we are watching now is the original… I want to say things were altered when Jacob touched but it doesn’t make sense with the times that Locke and hurley were touched

    I think I’m done thinking or even trying to figure it out… I’m just gonna watch it play out… But something big is coming

  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I haven’t been to sure of much this whole show, but this i feel quite strong about.

    I also think another purpose of the ‘flash sideways’ is we are going to see why and how all these people were chosen in the first place. Why they are all ‘candidates’ in this new altered timeline.

  4. Henrygale,
    I think its possible that i terms of it being in linear realtime’ the first instance of the change was when the others first met the 815-ers in 1954, and the ‘butterfly effect’ of that means other thing have changed since that moment.
    This could explain why in the ‘flash sideways’ (or the timeline before seasons 1-5) things seem to different, even before the losties crashed, such as Jacks appendix scar!

  5. Hi shephards_flocke, I like your thoughts on this, and feel you make some very good points that are plausible.

    The writers have stated that the ‘sideways’ flash is a look at “what if #815 never crashed on ‘the island’ and landed safely in LA X”. They did not say that it did or didn’t happen. They left us that to ponder.

    I’m open to hearing good ideas, such as what you have theorized here. I definitely like your ideas.

    Nice work!

  6. I am totally loving this Theory! It makes absolute and simple sense. I couldn’t figure out how a bomb would cause an island to sink without destroying houses and swingsets – but the electromagnetic pocket pulling the island in and under – THAT works! That would also explain why those in-the-know about the island’s “Magical Magicness” were 100% behind Jack & co. returning to the island. I kept wondering why Eloise Hawking et al would encourage their return, when what they were trying to do seemed anti-Jacob/Others/etc. Its just like Jacob encouraging Jack to go the the lighthouse with a false plan – Jacob got the right result even though, at first glance, it didn’t seem to be the desired intent. I think you’re right about the Alt timeline existing simply to explain “why” about each of the candidates and co.
    LOVE IT!!!!

  7. Thanks for the comments people.

    I’m glad people are liking this, as i’m really confident about it.


    i hadn’t even thought about Eloise hawking and others involvement in getting them back, thanks for bringing that up.

    Its ironic that all the people that didn’t believe there would be a parallel timeline before season 6 started, now have changed their minds and believe there is. THEY WERE RIGHT, THERE ISN”T! The writers of this show are very good at misleading us, but don’t let them fool you!

  8. I just wanted to add to this.

    In the ALT, things seem toe be going alot better for the losties, such as Jack having a son, Locke actually going on the walkabout etc.
    Maybe in the timeline we’ve seen seasons 1-5, things have been changed so the losties have less motivation to get back to their lives off the island.

  9. I think I’m missing something. Please help me. If I follow the theory correctly, the island sinks if the Losties don’t intervene with Jughead. If they don’t intervene with Jughead then the Dharma folks unleash the energy sinking the island. Assuming the island is at the bottom of the sea, how is there ever an event that causes the 815 to crash on the island? If the 815 doesn’t crash on the island in 2004, the Losties never go back to 1977 to use Jughead to stop the island from sinking, because the island is already sunk and they never crashed. Tell me what I’m missing.

  10. They are two different seperate timelines, one where 815 lands on the island (the one we’ve been seeing the whole show), and the one where they don’t (the alt timeline), i thought that was pretty obvious.

  11. This is all a good theory, it really is. I’m just wondering how an island sinks. Islands don’t float to begin with, unless I’ve been miseducated or have been missing something all these years, with which I’d be thouroughly embarrassed.

    Maybe the release of the energy (in the alternate timeline) actually pulls the island in closer to the earth or something, I don’t know, but I need an explanation from someone who could tell me.

  12. i think thats basically it Cheif,
    we know the island has ‘Magnetic properties’ and Dharma was drilling into a pocket of ‘electromagnetic energy’…

  13. Thanks for gettin back to me so quickly….

    I guess you’re right. It’s all I can think of myself. I just posted this as a question. So maybe someone knows for sure or can elaborate more.

    I’m sure I’m just being a pain here, but wouldn’t that amount of force cause serious environmental disasters throughout the entire world in one way or another? It definitely seems like something they might elaborate more in the show later on. I don’t know. Just in a curious mood I guess.

    Again, I’m sure you’re right, and I like the theory.

  14. Brilliant theory Shephards_flocke.

    and i agree that the island didn’t really ‘sink’, that it must have been pulled down…because i also always understood that islands can’t “sink”…nice work!

  15. Cheers, we shall see.

    I’m pretty confident on this one.
    Maybe those ‘serious environmental disasters throughout the entire world’ you speak of might occur in the alt!

  16. I think this is possible. Although, I can’t help but feel like there are a lot of holes in the theory.

    For instance, I thought Mile’s dad said in the video that the reason they have to push this button is because of an “incident’ if they created and/or stopped the incident from happening, creating an AlT timeline… then Mile’s dad wouldn’t be there and wouldn’t be speaking of any incident.

    Or am I just missing something?

  17. the incident still happened. ‘The incident’ what exactly what we saw in last seasons finale.

    Dharma drilled into the energy pocket, but before the energy was released, the losties nuetralzed it with the bomb, that was the incident. Dharma built the hatch over this pocket of energy and its use was to keep the energy at bay, Pierre Chang filmed that video etc etc.

    In the ‘flash sideways’, Dharma drilled into the energy pocket without interference from the losties, they released this powerful electromagnetic energy and the island ‘sank’ or got sucked to the bottom of the ocean, hence the hatch wasn’t built in the ‘flash sideways’.

    I feel like i keep repeating myself here. people are confusing the two timelines with eachother, its simple, they are seperate. What happened in the incident didn’t create the alt timeline we’re seeing in the ‘flash sideways’.
    The ‘flash sideways’ is the timeline BEFORE the one we’ve seen the whole show, before the timeline where the losties DO crash on the island this time.
    Hopefully that makes it a little clearer.

  18. Ok. I think I get it. So, basically…the video that Mile’s dad made only exists in the one timeline (where they are on the island). If we were to go to the Alt-timeline (which they call flash-sideways) then that video wouldn’t exist there??

    Therefore, these two timelines aren’t seperated by just the bomb, but also the oceanic crew ever coming to the island??

    I’m pretty sure I get it know. If so, that seems very very likely to be the case.

  19. you got it now.

    I think when people start connecting the events in the two timelines, thats where they get confused.
    Thats why the idea of the bomb going off creating another timeline where the island is underwater and the losties never came to the island is too confusing, doesn’t make sense, and is creates a huge paradox.

  20. Shep, great divergent thinking here! I love the idea that you don’t need to understand quantum physics to “get it”!!
    I can’t wait to see if you’re right!

  21. On further thought, though, there has to be some connection between the 2 timelines. Especially for Jack–in the alt timeline he seems to have gone through some sort of conversion, or epiphany, where he is able to cope with life so much more–his relationship with his mom, son, etc. And in the on-island timeline, he seems to be on the verge of that conversion. I think we’re going to find out that all the main characters are going to have a similar redemptive experience, (or die trying) and I’m just not sure how they achieve that, but I think that it will occur when the 2 timelines finally merge. What do y’all think?

  22. Cheifin answer to your question about whether or not a catastrophe of that size would cause global disasters in the real world there were 14 fatal plane crashes over that entire year. I know it’s a long shot and obviously Lost is fiction but could be a possibilty that the writers are taking into consideration.

  23. hi shep…great theory and i do like it, as good as i’ve heard, but i do have a small problem with it….at the very beginning of the s6 opener, we are shown juliet hitting the bomb TWICE…i.e two beginnings as a result of her hitting the bomb….the first results in jack sitting on the plane, and the second results in the skip forward…..wouldn’t this mean the losties DID cause the flash sideways??? please help!


    as sad as it might be, i think the reason we are seeing things go so well for Jack in the ‘flash sideways’ his relationship with his son, his not drinking etc is to show his life off island was better the first time round, before he was ‘chosen’ to do what he had to on the island. I think the second time round (seasons 1-5) Jacks (and the other losties) lives have been altered somehow in negative ways (Jack doesn’t have a son). This is so they feel that their mission and destiny on island is alot more important, and they have less to go back to in their real lives, less motivation to try and leave the island. They have to feel pain but its all for the greater good in the end. Like Locke DID go on the Walkabout in the ‘flash sideways’ but in the regular timeline he wasn’t allowed to.
    A good example is Jacobs meeting with Sayid off island, Nadia got hit by a car, and died.
    Maybe we’ll see in the ‘flash sideways’ without the ‘islands’ influence that Nadia is alive.

    And REDHOT.

    She hit the bomb twice, but we only saw it ‘work’ once, we only saw the white flash once.
    Until someone can explain how the bomb going off can cause a reality where they were never on the island, hence they where never there to let off the bomb in the first place, that doesn’t work. The ONLY way to eplain it is this. the bomb didn’t cause the alt. The alt is not parralel to the main timeline, its BEFORE it. I’ve been trying not to use this term as i don’t wanna lose any of you, but i’ll say it, as much as i hate it, its….A TIMELOOP!( Please don’t hit me)

    Hopefully that convinces you guys further. If you got anymore questions ask away, as i have ALL the answers ;o)
    I haven’t found a loophole in this yet, unlike all the other explanaitions i’ve thought of. Don’t fall for the the writers red herrings, such as Jacks ‘awareness’ on the plane when they didn’t crash or the cut on his neck.

  25. i do see what you mean and again i do like it, but theres definately 2 white flashes (2 beginnings) plus there is one other problem – desmond was on the plane ! and by the way he vanished and no-one seemed to see him…that was odd!

  26. Awesome Shephards_Flocke! I love your theory! I also agree with one of your last comments “a TIMELOOP”, because it just got me thinking: That would dovetail nicely with the 360 degrees in Jacob’s lighthouse (loop or circle) and the Whateverhappenedhappened that has been tossed around a alot. I think we can assume that Jacob knows how things began and how things will end and the identity of every person to ever make it to the island (their names are on the wheel). If whateverhappenedhappened, then Jacob knows this because they have all already come to the island, seen and destroyed. He knows who the survivors of the plane crash will be because it has happened before–the island is in a loop–that is why the end is always the same. I am wondering now if this is all going to truly be about the journey, meaning the end is the same, but how you get there is what counts–your reasons why, or if the Losties will actually be able to make a different end….Maybe he has been touching the players at different times in their lives hoping to bring about a change in their character that will be signicant on and to the fate of the island.

  27. I’m loving this… a lot seriously…

    Just 2 correct something though, Locke lied 2 Boone he never did go on the walkabout. I believe he told Helen the truth, in the substitute…

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