The journey of the Island

It has taken some time for me to come to this conclusion on what the Island is, but based on what we have seen this season, it has become more and more obvious. Many have said that he Island was Purgatory, Atlantis, etc. which are all very possible.

However, I believe without a doubt that the Island is ship. Not how we think of a ship in the traditional sense but it is a ship non the less. It has a wheel used for steering, it has an energy source used for power, it has some sort of cloaking system to keep it protected.

Why can we unequivocally call it a ship now? Episode 1 of season 6, we seen the Island submerged. This was a big clue – as they are telling us this ship has sunk just like we would see a typical ship sink. The Island ship is a special ship obviously, it possibly can navigate from dimension to dimension, from one time period to another, etc.

Where did it come from? Why does it exist? Who created/owns it? are all major questions that I believe will be answered this season.

I don’t really call this a complete theory, but it can be the start of one. Please add your thoughts.

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8 thoughts on “The journey of the Island

  1. There’s a good chance your right. If I had to pick whose it is I would say MIB’s. And to take it home would destroy our world so the island has become his prison instead. Jacob and whichever candidate takes his place is Flockes jailer.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts Roland. MIB being a possible “owner” of the ship does seem like a possibility. MIB did say he was a “man” once a long time ago giving us a bit of a clue to when he and/or the ship arrived.

  3. If you look at it in reverse it all makes make more sense.
    The Island is the being of all existence.
    The Egyptian, Greek, Aztec and Christian faith are all interpretive creatures based on the two Island deities – MIB and Jacob.
    Therefore, using this logic, ships were created, moulded and built around the concept of the ISLAND.
    The Island can move through space and time.
    Perhaps in this sense, a ship was a construct which attempted to mimic the Island?

  4. That’s very profound eyan, the Island itself being a construct of sorts. I have come to the conclusion that the Island is a vessel or ship, perhaps constructed to play out man’s eternal conflict of free will verses pre-destination to determine which could prevail. A game board of sorts I suppose.

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