as i was looking over some of the canidates names on the list i realized that some could not be the person we think (its just last names it could be alex rosseau instead od danielle who know). What if instead of it being claire littelton we see as a canidate its actually Aaron?

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  1. Id be willing to bet its Jin. Sun didnt flash back to 77 with the others, which would tell me she isnt seen as important. And then she didnt really do anything in the 2004 time line that would be seen as needed.

    As far as Ji Yeon, no one egged Sun that her baby had to come back when they did, and I’m sure that if the kid was the candidate, then someone would have pushed her to bring it.

  2. how do we know its one person, it could mean the family are candidates or that the candidate has to be in that family but it doesn’t matter who it is.

  3. Aaron could also be Austen (51) … if he ever had a birth cert. that’s what it would read. 51’s not one of the ‘bad’ numbers, either … and he could be somewhat hidden.

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