MIB’s name will be a giveaway

Several people have proposed that MIB is Jack’s son or is some character that we know already while others have refuted it. While I am not sure how I feel about it being someone we already know, I think think by the mere fact we do not know the name of MIB, it means that we will recognize the name and know the character that he is. Obvioulsy that would be giving away too much this early in the season.
A comment – If Jacob is really the evil one that has manipulated all his “victims” and MIB is a good guy just trapped and trying to leave (don’t get the smoke thing tho’), then I will feel as manipulated as Jack, Sawyer, et al.

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I am certainly going to miss LOST when it ends and have a feeling that I will be switching off between nail biting and crying throughout the entire final season. The possibility of them dying is just awful when you really love and enjoy the characters. I would love to see a LOST SPECIALl that airs AFTER the season finale that goes through many of the episodes pointing out clues and interesting tidbits that we may have missed the first go-round or even if we re-watched any. Even if most of the mysteries and questions are addressed in the finale, little things that LOST fans enjoy blogging about (paintings on walls, photos in scenes, clocks, someone in background that is significant, etc)would make for a great LOST SPECIAL. Anyway, this is a great forum.

7 thoughts on “MIB’s name will be a giveaway

  1. For “The Incident” MIB was called “Seth” as far as the script or casting call or whatever, so….I’m not sure how that jives with your theory.

  2. I never knew he was noted as Seth in the script. That is the first I heard that. The name is an interesting one being the name of the son of Adam and Eve after Cain and Able, and the fact that Jesus is one of the descendents of Seth. However, if the name, Seth, was a given for MIB as per your point that this theory could not jive, then why is his name purposely never mentioned… not by Jacob, Richard, Claire???…Also, why would fans on this site refer to the character as MIB and not Seth?

  3. I am with you redhot. I am not sure where lostfan108 got the info from re MIB being refer to as Seth in cast credits. I have only seen Titus Welliver, the actor, credited as Man in Black for The Incident. The only character named Seth in LOST I know was Seth Norris the Oceanic 815 pilot. Also, many think the statue is that of Set or Seth, the Egyptian god of evil, who is in eternal conflict with the gods of light, and especially with Horus, the son of Osiris. My point to lostfan108 was why would they reveal MIB’s name in such an obscure way and never refer to him as Seth. It seems clear that his name is a giveaway as to his identity.

  4. i reckon MIB is aaron… if its gotta be someone we know, and he cant be Jacob, then why cant he be MIB?
    MIB looks a lot older than Jacob, so who’s to say Jacob isnt a little brother of Aaron?

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