Walt that special someone?

Written 24th February

When Jacob asks Hurley for his help in bringing someone else to the island, I believe that certain someone could be Walt. I have noticed a few believe that the mystery person is desmond, and I agree that is a strong possibility, however I am sticking with walt. He obviously had some sort of special ability (shown with the bird incident pre-island,his dreams bout locke in season 5 etc) and a connection to the island.

It is possible that the Carlton and Damon changed their oringinal plans for the chararcter,possibly due to actor growing up, but I believe Walt still has a part to play. They promised to answer alot of questions in this final season and Walt is a huge remaining mystery.

Suggestions/corrections all welcome thanks.

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11 thoughts on “Walt that special someone?

  1. Leave Walt Alone! He’s the only black character they’ve let live. Maybe that’s why he’s special! (Or maybe, they meant he’s ‘special’, in a ‘more than we bargained for’ way.)

  2. I can see your point inview11,however as im said earlier the reason for that could be that due to the age of Malcolm David Kelley,it was not possible to continue on the correct time line (i.e the difference of apperence during seasons 1-3 on island would look very wrong) This idea could be said again when noting Walk’s apperance to Locke in the Dhama pit,many believe it was shot looking upwards to distort Walt’s change in height.

  3. if they really want to bring 2004 Walt back, then they could just cast a different actor. they’ve already had Aaron played by about 4 different children. and I’m sure they’d have A LOT of lookalike actors to choose from. But I think they said they weren’t all that concerned with continuing Walt’s story. Kind of like they dropped the Libby story and won’t revisit that.

  4. Jacob lied when he said they were there to help someone get to the island. The number 108 they were given was for Wallace. And afterwards Jacob admits the task was really a way to get Jack and Hurley out of the temple because “someone’s coming.”

    As for Libby, we will find out more about her situation.

  5. I wrote a theory on Libby, so us guys could come to our own conclusions since the writer wouldn’t give us anything to work with. Its interesting the stuff we came up with if you fancy reading it.

  6. If they revealed what happened to the inhaler, I’m going to assume that they tell us what’s the deal with Libby and Walt as well.

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