David and Aaron bring their parents to the island!

I think I read some time loops theories with similar ideas, but can’t remember who wrote them or where, so these ideas are only partially mine – more like I chose some pieces from various places and put them together to come up with my own little chaotic theory! Oh, additionally, my theory assumes Jacob is Aaron and MiB is David (no originality there -ha ha). Sorry for the length of the following!

Firstly, I wanted to start off with the bodies in the cave that Jack discovered in Season 1. I initially thought that these Adam and Eve bodies were a mother and father. I thought that MiB and Jacob were brothers (like the Jacob and Esau story from Judaism) and that these two bodies were their mother and father. Now that I’ve given in to the idea that Jacob is Aaron (I’m still not convinced) and MiB is possibly David, I NOW think that these bodies are still parents, however, not from the same set of parents. To clarify, I think that the male body is Jack’s and the female body is Claire’s. Remember when Hurley said something like “What if these bodies are ours?” It got me thinking..Jack is the one that discovered them, what if Jack just discovered his own dead body?! On a side note, I feel MiB and Jacob being brothers would be more poignant than them being cousins, but hey, I’m not the writer – moving on.

Now, I think that like a lot of watchers I assumed the alternate timeline was a result of the bomb explosion the Losties forced at the Dharma site in 1977. Following this logic, time should (but who knows – it’s not like time travel is an exact science!) have forked at the very second the bomb exploded if the bomb explosion did what the Losties expected it to. In this case, the new “prong” of the fork should be the alternate timeline. So, just to clarify a little, let’s assume time is depicted as a straight line. When the bomb went off in 1977, that point of the line should have two branches. One branch is what we are being shown with the Losties still on the island having survived the explosion (umm – I’m not a nuclear physicist, or bomb expert, but shouldn’t they all have died seeing as how they were all within a 200ft radius of the explosion??) and the other branch is the alternate timeline where the plane lands safely and Desmond was on the plane, etc. I assumed that this is what happened because Juliet said it worked. But I kind of had also assumed if it had worked as Jack thought it would, the Losties in 1977 would have ceased to exist and we would be seeing ONLY the alternate timeline versus two (one island timeline and one alternate).

So, to say the least, I was confused. Then Jack had the conversation over the phone with his mom asking when he got his appendix removed. If the timeline were in fact a Y shape, everything in Jack’s life until 1977 (until the fork in the line) should have been exactly the same in the alternate timeline as it was on the island timeline. In fact, because Jacob didn’t even meet Jack until he was already a surgeon, everything in his life in both time lines should theoretically be exactly the same until that point, as MiB said Jacob influenced all the decisions the candidates made (after touching them – or before as well? – this wasn’t clarified). Following the logic that Jack’s life should be the same except for those incidents affected by the island/Jacob, Jack’s appendix shouldn’t have been needed to be taken out until 2004 when Juliet took it out on the island timeline. So, in the alternate timeline we know that Jack had it taken out as a young boy, but on the island timeline, he lived it with it as a boy. So, now we see that Jack has two separate childhoods. This is contrary to the Y shaped timeline because the base of the Y should be exactly the same for both timelines… In fact, Hurley’s entire life until the time Jacob was supposed to touch him (in his 20s) should be the same too, but it’s not – he is no longer afraid of the numbers, etc. His whole personality seemed different…Locke had a relationship with his dad but was still in a wheelchair – what??
This suggested to me that the timeline isn’t a Y at all. In fact, it suggested that there are two distinct timelines..(depicted as two parallel lines – multiverse theory, anyone?). Maybe when Juliet said “it worked” she meant that the Losties now have a chance to get to this parallel timeline where everyone is happier (except why is Sayid not with Nadia?)

Now, what if, this alternate timeline is not a result of the bomb at all? The white flash that was shown when Juliet detonated the bomb flashed in such a way that I suspected the island “protected itself” and time jumped back to current time (2007?) before the bomb could do damage (although the donkey wheel was fixed by then, so this a weak point in my theory). In which case, what is the flashways timeline we’re seeing? What if this alternate timeline is not a result of the bomb, but is instead a PREVIOUS timeline? As in, what if Claire had Aaron and Jack had David..and they both grew up to be in their forties (this is the age they seemed to be while on the beach watching the Black Rock approach) in the “real” world off the island and then somehow David and Aaron came to the island in the future (let’s say 2040ish, just to give a date)…So in 2040, Aaron and David end up on the island, except the island is now existing in the past predating the crash of the Black Rock. Hence, they had the conversation which goes like: “They come, they fight, they always ends the same” – MiB. So now, Aaron and David are wayyyyy in the past and they exist on the island until 2004 where we see in Season 1, Oceanic 815 is brought to the island and our Losties get stranded there. If this is true, then Aaron (Jacob?) and David (MiB?) are responsible for their parents coming to the island! (This could explain why they are ageless – they won’t start aging until they catch up to 2040..) But why would they want them to come to the island? Specifically, Claire can have her baby in either timelin, but Jack is shown having a child only in the scenario where 815 doesn’t crash. Well, MAYBE this is WHY Jacob influenced Jack’s life – to prevent MiB’s birth. Maybe Jacob thought bringing Jack to the island would cause MiB to cease to exist, but instead, MiB did not just disappear or cease to exist, maybe MiB found his loophole instead, which is what allowed him to kill Jacob! As an entity surviving in a paradox (the paradox being how does MiB live if he was never born), maybe MiB no longer had to follow the “rules” and killed Jacob accordingly.

Now, how/why Aaron and David would end up on the island when it is at the bottom of the sea is anyone’s guess. I realize this idea has a lot of holes..I thought it was an interesting concept to entertain…children bringing parents to the island..and Jack finding his own dead body…however, I suspect if Jacob were in fact Aaron, he would have taken a greater interest in Claire (his mom)…but it seems instead MiB has taken an interest in Claire..perhaps manipulating the mother will influence the son (Jacob/Aaron)…Maybe MiB wants to help Claire find Aaron so he can kill Aaron so he can never grow up to be Jacob?

Additionally, I don’t understand what killing Jacob has really done to help MiB…I suppose we will understand if UnLocke ever leaves the island..

Last but not least, I am not convinced that MiB is the evil one and Jacob is the good one. Jacob as a “good” character has done a lot of things which can be viewed as selfish and not in the best interest of the Losties…hardly a characteristic of good. Of course, MiB seems to be killing left and right while in his smoke monster form, so both of these characters seem to have shades of grey. In fact, Jacob is being portrayed as the protector of the island, but it is Jacob who keeps bringing everyone to the island in the first place! MiB seems fed up with people and even asks Jacob on the beach, “Still trying to prove me wrong?” So it seems to me, Jacob brings people to the island to play out something Jacob is trying to prove to MiB. If anyone noticed, there is a book Jacob is reading while he is sitting on the bench waiting for Locke to fall out of the window and break his spine. I forget the name at the moment but I looked up the title of the book and read a short synopsis. It seems to me it is about humanity and trying to show that humanity does still have a capacity for good (correct me if I’m wrong). Even if Jacob were trying to prove something to MiB, it doesn’t explain why MiB is trapped on the island, etc. It would be funny if they simply placed a bet, “Hey MiB, you can’t leave until you can prove humanity is hopeless, and I’m gonna spend the next 300 years proving humanity CAN be salvaged..” Ha ha!

Now whatever role Richard plays in all this should be interesting…as I recall UnLocke said to him, “Nice to see you out of those chains Richard..” The only chains in the show I can remember are the ones on the Black Rock which appeared to be a slave ship..?

In a nutshell, I think that the alternate timeline is the first time the Losties live out their lives and then their children go to the island as adults and end up in the past, wait for their parents to crash in 2004, and seasons 1 – 5 was a showing of the second time they lived their lives, this time partially on the island…

Alright guys, sorry that this is so long, but I’d love to hear your thoughts..thanks!

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I started watching Lost just this year and caught up on all the previous 5 seasons in three's amazing, and I really love shows/movies involving time travel!

13 thoughts on “David and Aaron bring their parents to the island!

  1. What if something happens between now and the end of the season where it involves the island to go through time? Maybe the next person who comes to the island is Desmond or Widmore?

    If this is the case, what if some conflict happens where the island gets moved (the wheel). This isn’t a stretch to imagine AT ALL.

    If this were to happen, would it possibly put the on-island time in unison with the current sideways flash timeline? Sure, the characters would never know of the island’s existence but possibly Widmore. I see somebody coming to island in the form of Widmore’s scientists or some form of guerilla warfare group orchestrated by Charles Widmore. I’m sure we’ll see alot of corporate ties in the sideways flash to illustrate this.

    I see both Widmore and possibly even Desmond returning to the island in the near future.

  2. The main problem I have with your theory is that Jack and Claire are brother and sister.So the only way the two could be brothers is if claire nad Jack ….well you know.And thats just not right! Heres something to think about, if Jack was succesful at prventing them from coming to the island ,at what point did he come to the island to prevent himself from coming to the island? That’s what Ferraday was trying to tell them,what happened already happened and the fact that they are there trying to prevent it from happening proves that it still happened.They should have listened to Daniel.

  3. I really like this theory…

    There are many things I agree with, such as your possibility of Jacob keeping MIB until he can prove that mankind is bad…its wonderful and plays somewhat into a few thoughts I have had recently…Im still leaning towards Jacob being more good than MIB…but I have a strong belief that MIB has a good reason to have such a relentless and merciful attitude towards many.

    I love your creativity in general…I must say, that I really considered posting something along the lines of the idea that MIB is David and Jacob is Aaron…I put a lot of crazy things up, but just couldnt bring myself to do it based on appearance alone…and the truth is, that it is so speculative and ridiculous…that its beautiful… the thought…again, dont really have full faith in it, but it wouldnt surprise me the least with this show…

    Creative ideas, nice job putting them all together…

  4. Great ideas. I’m still leaning on Jacob and MIB being at least a couple of thousand years old. Quite possibly from Egyptian times. MIB did say he was once a man. They mythology is still there to deal with, especially all the hieroglyphics. MIB’s promises seem akin to the devils promise to Jesus in the desert where he promised Jesus anything he wanted in exchange for giving up on humanity.

  5. Anything is possible at this stage but i think people are over thinking about jack having a son (David).

    Aaron can have some connection with the island because he was born there and all. But i hardly think David will have anything to do with this.

    I could be wrong though.

  6. @ foreverpuzzled: I meant I initially thought that Jacob and MiB were brothers and the Adam and Eve bodies were of their parents..but then I revised it to think that the bodies were just of Jack and Claire (not as mother and father)…Jack being the father of MiB and Claire the mother of Jacob…leaving Jacob and MiB as cousins not brothers..sorry for the confusion!

    @ A.E.S: I don’t always believe it myself, but I had to share so other people could tell me if I’m just crazy, or maybe on to something! hah!

    @ username: I couldn’t agree more!! I’ve left out the parts about the Egyptian hieroglyphics…but I have some theories about that too.. Before I came up with the theory I posted above, I was totally hung up on the idea that the smoke monster was subservient to Jacob…and I base this off the picture (I think above the donkey wheel?) that depicts an Egyptian figure with the head of a ..(oh god! can’t remember) was it a jackal? Or some such animal..anyways, the figure looked like Anubis or Horus or some such mythological deity (sorry for my lack of research right about now – hah!) sitting with a palm-up-towards-the-sky gesture summoning the smoke monster. (I’m assuming Jacob is the figure – but NOW I think it’s someone greater than him..) This is honestly what the engraving looked like. So I figured smokey was Jacob’s servant…but everyone now “knows” that smokey is MiB and that MiB and Jacob are I don’t know anymore about the slave/owner relationship I was thinking about. Although, interestingly…slaves were brought to the island on the Black Rock? Or were they..HMMM…

    Well, I definitely do not want to underplay the importance of the Egyptian influence in this show, and I think the Egyptian “explanation” will be the big answer everyone is now speculating is alien-related..haha. Lastly, I have a feeling Ilana knows everything we want to know..did anyone realize she knew EVERYTHING the others didn’t?
    For example, Ilana knew who Jacob was when he approached her off the island when no one else did, Ilana cried when Jacob died, and Ilana knew where the statue was/directions to get there from the cabin after she lit it on fire…additionally, she knew all about the candidates..why is she the only one who seems to know everything Jacob left behind…..I’m dying to hear anyone’s thoughts on her!!!!!

  7. I like the idea that Jacob and MIB are ageless because they have moved back through time – but I’m not sure its accurate. When Sawyer asked Flocke if he had ever read “Of Mice and Men”, Flocke’s response was “No…its a little past my time.” It seems to indicate he’s from the past – not the future.

  8. Ilana also knew where the secret passage out of the temple was at. I think she will provide us with more trustworthy information about what the island is and what this has been all about more than anyone else.

  9. Oh ok that makes sense now.I started watching Lost on dvd at the end of the 4th season and then watched the 4th season in time to start watching the 5th season during original air time. Lets just say I had Lost overload. I can tell you that if you think its hard waiting from week to week to see a new episode now,imagine how the people that have been watching it from episode 1 feel.Nice theory!

  10. I was thinking like this and I was also thinking of writing a theory on my thoughts, I have a little something that needs brewing in the mind…

  11. A lot of your reasoning seems to assume that the clips they showed of Jacob touching the losties was the first time he had touched them, which we can’t be sure of. Also, Jacob could have touched other people in the lives of the losties, thus indirectly affecting their lives as well. For example, if Jacob touched Hurley’s mom, it could have changed her such that she raised Hurley a little differently, thus affecting Hurley’s life.

    Basically, I thought your Y-branch theory was correct, but then you went on to disprove it by making the assumptions I am referring to.

    Very interesting though!

  12. @itsdesmondbrutha: Yes, this is a very good point…my actual belief is that MiB and Jacob are somehow related to ancient Egyptian times, but I have no proof of this so I sort of concocted this theory based on what seemed feasible…However, we are assuming that UnLocke told the truth to Sawyer about Of Men and Mice…(btw, read that book in hs and I hated it – lol)

    @brc9876: Yes, it is true that I am assuming what was shown as Jacob touching the Losties was the first time in each case. I don’t really have a reason to believe otherwise, but if you do, I’d love to hear it… Judging from the lighthouse, maybe the fact that Jacob was even watching them was enough to influence the Losties regardless of when in life he touched them? Just a thought.

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