Man in the Smoke

This is not a theory just an observation that i picked up on when i was watching the last episode.
When kate jumps over and into the pit in the temple where clair is being held and hangs on to the rope ladder to get out of the way of smokie, take a look right at the end of the smoke trail as it passes above.
There is a person in the smoke!! I have watched it back on super slow motion and its not something that looks like a person its a definate solid form of a human.
Its something we havent seen before with smokie and im wondering if this could be important to what the entity actually is.
It seems to have been put in purposely because it is so obvious when you play it back.

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4 thoughts on “Man in the Smoke

  1. Your both probably right its just ive not seen smokie doing this before he usually just does the rag doll thing and throws people around and not carrying a body round with him.

  2. I saw the same thing and wasn’t sure what to make of it. My first thought was that he is collecting souls and what we saw was a soul he has trapped. I guess the explanation that it was someone he was destroying makes more sense, but why would a body just be in the middle of the smoke? He usually grabs them and throws them around from what i have seen and doesn’t bring them with him.

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