Was Widmore infected?

Was Widmore infected? Or, with the words of Sayid, “what happened” when Widmore seemingly turned to the dark side?

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8 thoughts on “Was Widmore infected?

  1. Thanks, maybe I should. But I won’t be one bit sad if someone else does it before me, especially since I have no idea what might have happened. 🙂

  2. If widmore knew what Locke was going to turn into then ya I’d say hrs on MIB side….. Bc he told Locke if he didn’t get back to the island the wrong side would win… Wrong side could mean Jacobs side

  3. I don’t think he is infected. I think he is just a power hungry bad person who wants to have the island for himself.

    But its hard to guess with this show. Who knows maybe he might help jack and the gang at the end.

  4. I was just thinking that Widmore did send those freighter mercenaries to the Island who pretty much killed anyone in their sight. It strikes me as something that MIB would be condoning rather than Jacob. But what on earth did they need the science team for?

  5. There is of course also the possibility that Widmore simply wanted the healing pool for himself. But it seems a little too profanic for Lost…?

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