Good of the group vs. good of the individual

After watching the latest episode, this is the conclusion I have come to about the team selection and potential replacements.

There are obviously teams. What divisions, we don’t know. I think the two island dwellers, well Jacob at least, see out good for group individuals. Like, who will sacrifice for the betterment of the group. Jack is one of these candidates. For example, I think Jack is wired (not literally) to always try to do what is beneficial to the group. Jack thinks he can always fix things. I think Jacob recognizes this and is why Jack is a candidate. I think Christian was perhaps in the individual group and because of this is why the two, Jack and Christian, had such differing viewpoints and opinions. If you recall in the episode White Rabbit, after Jack returns home as a young boy with a shiner, Christian tells him not to choose, he doesn’t have what it takes. And yet, he continues to choose throughout his life.

It is for this reason that I think the ‘Kwon’ scribbled in the cave and on the lighthouse dial is for Jin and not Sun. Jin is a “group” thinker whereas Sun strikes me as selfish and would be on the other team. Then again I am not sure who claimed the lighthouse or who claimed the cave as their own.

The other team, or MIB’s, is the individuals group. The group that will always look out for numero uno first and foremost, the Sawyer’s and Kate’s. These people make up the candidates for MIB replacements. However someone like Kate, who tried to save Aaron then tried to reunite the two, isn’t exactly a clear cut candidate for being an individual. But she is close.

I also have been thinking about that whole scales thing with the two rocks… I wonder if the light and dark stones represent the amount of goodness and evilness currently present inside an individuals soul at that moment. Now whichever way that scale is tipping when you abruptly run into Smoke Monster is how you are judged. I am one of those people who isn’t sold that Jacob is “good” because of his attire or that MIB is the “evil” one because he wants to kill Jacob. I do think though that these two men play a role in determining how the scale for each individual rests. I am not even sure if Jacob and MIB are real people but rather a representation of what those two little people, like we used to see in Daffy Duck cartoons, on your shoulders are whispering in your ear, one telling you to do good, the other instructing you to do bad. I think maybe Jacob and MIB are the opposing good/evil forces inside all of the Losties heads. Ours too. Pulling and tugging in both directions until you finally meet up with Smokie.

Walt – I think Walt is a beacon, or magnet, to the island. I think perhaps he was born there and due to this, has become island magnetized. Like Charlotte. Like Aaron. I think these beacon individuals can be used to return, maybe even find, the island. Which is why Aaron had to be raised there, so that no one from the outside world could use him to get to the island.

On a humorous (to me anyways) side note, almost every time I type the word ‘Jacob’, I either miss hitting the shift key with the J so it comes out lowercase or I type Jacon instead of Jacob. So it is either going to be jacob or Jacon from here on out.

Hope to hear many nice, kind, civil thoughts.

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The Apostle

Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

9 thoughts on “Good of the group vs. good of the individual

  1. WORST THEORY EVER! juuust kidding. i like the idea of the selfish group vs. the help others group. maybe thats why ilanna kept ben, because he sacrificed what he wanted all the time for the island.

  2. I liked the idea that the lighthouse is Jacob or MIB’s place and the cave was the dwelling of the other one. It seems to me that Jacob is now running around in MIB’s territory and vice versa. The result is that MIB has seemed genuinely surprised by a few things–Sawyers ability to see the kid– and Jacob was able to tell hurley how to get to the lighthouse.

  3. The Apostle, I love your thoughts on this, and believe they are very relevant.

    I agree with your thoughts on Jin being a more viable candidate the Sun, for the reasons you mention. I also agree that Kate’s case isn’t as clear cut. Note, that her name is crossed out in the Cave, but isn’t in the Lighthouse! Sawyer appears to be moving towards a dark side, but as a con-man, this might indicate that he will see through the many ‘guises’.

    I agree that Walt has ‘special powers’ and you have to be somewhat suspect that ‘the others’ wanted him off of ‘the island’.

    I also agree with your take on Nemesis and Jacob. There is so many things to consider with these two. Not everything is black and white, and/or how it seems. There are many layers to ‘this onion’ and we have to keep peeling away before we can assess who has ‘truer’ motives for the good of all.

    I would like to address one character who has been grossly underestimated in terms of what they bring to the table in terms of the overall good or betterment of the group. That is, Frank Lapidus. He chose to join the Freighter Group willingly, because he was suspect of a cover-up regarding #815.

    He came to ‘the island’ of his own free volition. Since being there, he has ONLY done good deeds that are unselfish on behalf of everyone in the group, has never complained, and has only tried to be helpful, without being too judgmental or interested in any specific sides or outcomes.

    Excellent work!

  4. I like this theory. I’ve been rewatching season 1 and the very first thing that Jack does when he wakes up on the island is help save as many of the wounded survivors as he can (before even stitching himself up!)

  5. ekolocation – thanks for taking it easy on me this time, I know it took a little effort to hold back. I don’t know how I feel about Ilana, or more importantly what role she plays. As a big reincarnation supporter, I think her and Kate may be cut of the same cloth. Maybe in a future timeline Kate becomes a proponent of Jacob. I missed the shift there on jacob.

    Dabs – I too have been curious about Lapidus. He is too good hearted, too pure to not be a candidate. I think he will play just as significant a role as Jack or close to it.

    One miscellaneous blurb I forgot to mention in the opening post was that I think we have now witnessed another convergence of two timelines or a convergence of a mirrored relaity. I actually can’t believe I haven’t seen this dicussed yet, maybe I have missed it.

    I,Locke – I have thought that Jack sure wakes up in a calm manner for having just been in a plane crash, and then later stating he doesn’t remember it at all. What, does he think he just appeared there? I think he has been there before.

    In a post a while ago I mentioned how it appeared as though in a specific episode, one of the ones on Penny’s boat, where it seemed as though there were two groups of very similar people in the presence of one another. Off the top of my head the people were Jack and Desmond, Kate and Juliet, Hurley and Sayid, and I think Sun and Aaron were “alone.” I think the custody of Aaron shifted at this time as well. Well in this latest episode I think we have seen another convergence of sorts. The beach scene with the two groups of people, I can only recall Ben and Sayid standing away from the group but that whole scene and the Losties present sure appeared symmetrical. Almost as though they were meeting up at some point in space and time.

  6. Man when I re-read my posts I realize how disorganized and random my thoughts are, it is actually quite horrible to re-read them.

    Okay, the first scene that I reference above, the Penny’s boat one, is linked below. Please watch how the characters seem to be almost symmetrical, and I don’t mean symmetrical only in the sense of how they are standing but how most of the characters offset one another. The scene starts at about the 34th minute but look closely at 35:30, it just seems very apparent there.

    And then compare this scene with the beach scene from this latest episode, where Ben and Sayid are slightly distanced from the min-groups.

    I think we are seeing the convergence of two groups, realities, or timelines in these instances.

  7. Okay, I found the other scene from Dr. Linus on, go to the 2:05 mark of the link below. And scratch Sayid from my previous mentions, I meant to write Richard. Just look at this scene, at especially 2:20, how the characters are even postioning themselves to be symmetrical. Damn I am going insane.

  8. Hi The Apostle, I watched the last clip and see what you are referring to. If you notice in earlier seasons, whenever ‘the losties’ returned from a ‘mission’, they re-entered the beach camp in much the same manner, and the camera angles and symmetry were also present and quite similar in nature.

    I have discussed ‘Mirror’ theory somewhere around here by way of comments. There is some very interesting information on this topic, if you Google Mirror Theory in Quantum Mechanics.

    I think it might be what you are looking for.

    Once again, great work on your theory! Thoroughly enjoyable read!

  9. Hey Apostle, we must be on the same wavelength–I posted the exact same idea about MIB and Jacob being good and evil personified in “It’s not always Black and White” written by Wesley on 2/27! I think we’re on to something here.

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