Just an observation…..

This just came to me the other day when I re-watched “Sundown”

 Remember when Hugo saw Jacob at the Temple and he was pouring a substance into the springs? I believe the substance was his ashes, so he could turn the waters back clear again. I think he knew that’s the way Dogen and Lennon would get killed so if by some miracle they do get healed and come back, they won’t be “claimed” or “infected”….. Just a thought……

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17 thoughts on “Just an observation…..

  1. Oh….well geez, where was I and everyone else for that matter? I figured this would be the topic of conversation a couple weeks ago. If he’s “very clearly” pouring something in it, then yeah, we can assume it’s his ashes. What else could it be?

  2. Ill have to go back and rewatch…ive watched a couple times and it just seemed that he was knelt over staring into the water with his head on his arm and a sad look…but i dont know

  3. SecretLostguy,

    He was VERY CLEARLY just moving a twig around in the water. I’m assuming that’s what you meant to say.

    Don’t say that he’s very clearly doing something that he’s simply not doing.

  4. Nice observation, but i have to agree with the twig thing.

    Anyway if Dogen and Lennon got healed Richard should have found them. He said he went to the temple and everyone was dead. So i guess they are dead for now at least.

  5. He’s definitley pouring a liquid substance into the spring. It’s the 1st shot when Hugo comes into the Temple. You have to pay close attention. It’s not a twig. Check it out again.

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