Richard came on the black rock

Written 10th March

At the black rock:
To Richard:
“Have you been here before?”

“Yeah and in all the time I’ve spent on this island, today is the first day I’ve come back”

Or something along those lines. I’m pretty sure that plus his repeated statements of being there for a very very long time gives us the fact that he came here on that boat.


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9 thoughts on “Richard came on the black rock

  1. its pretty much guaranteed and confirmed. Ricardus (as someone called in one episode ie there were plenty of portuguese explorers sailing in such ships) and the fact Flocke told him “Nice to see u out of chains” all confirm this. What would be good to see is the next step. Him meeting Jacob and MIB and those plots. Hopefully soon!

    Actually several things were confirmed:

    Richard arrived on Black Rock as a prisoner.
    Jack is the Chosen One (the way he could predict things eg not dying)
    Ben is on the white side

  2. I agree that it is pretty obvious that they want us to conclude that Richard came as a slave on The Black Rock.

    But nachochris, what do you mean with “confirmed”? I can’t imagine that it has been officially confirmed that Jack is the Chosen One?

  3. I agree too… I did think for awhile he was on the island even longer then the black rock, but I agree that they pretty much confirmed last week he came w/ the black rock.

  4. I still want to believe that he was there much longer than the black rock. I’m not up on portuguese culture but the eyeliner still says egypt. I think he may have left Jack style and returned on a ship named for the nemesis he was supposed to keep watch over in chains. This return to the amusement of MIB considering.

  5. By confirmed I exaggerated. Probably confirmed in my eyes only!! Through the evidence in the series so far (I should have said) what I believe, is that the way Jack embraced the dynamites explosive potential, and his no fear in dying and faith that they were there for a reason, was almost jedi-like LOL. Or like Neo in the matrix. We know they are looking for a candidate. We know that there was a book in the epsiode called the chosen one. We know Jack has always been the central hero, leader, Shepherd. Also the end of the series is supposedly based around Jack. So my calculated guess is that Jack is the chosen one, which could be good or bad news.

    I apologise for using the word confirmed, it was too enthusiastic

  6. Agreed after Tuesday’s episode I believe Jack is DEFINITELY the candidate, as well… For the same reasons you stated in regard to what we know about the finale, and what he knows about the final scene…

  7. Agreed! This past episode was by far the best of season 6. I’ve been let down but a lot of the other eps (please don’t kill me Sayid fans).

    This moment– Richard staring at the chains and pretty much confirming he came on Black Rock– along with Ben’s dad talking about the existence of Dharma and the Island in the alt-timeline, gave me so much hope we’re starting to see more answers.

    And… about Jack as the candidate… I was still operating under the idea that 23 was Christian, but now that our old Jack is back (not the whiny Jack we’ve come to know), and has this renewed sense of purpose, I’m THISMUCH closer to believing he’s the candidate.

    (I’m trying hard not to find a conspiracy around this, like the writers are leading us astray… but 9 more eps, I need these to be answers already!)

  8. @ ADayAfar

    I agree w/ u about Jack 100%. he became so annoying for the past few seasons, I forgot how much I really wanted to believe in him from the pilot, but when he finally found his faith and believed, it made me believe too… It was the greatest moment!!! It was also surreal when Ben confessed his sins, and was finally accepted for who he was by someone, it just broke my heart. The shot of Hurley, Jack, and Richard walking back up the beach was so reminiscent of season 1 it just broke my heart. It was by far an awesome episode… It made so much sense that they would all go back to the beach because that’s their home, and they had no where else to go..

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