We saw Whidmore arriving at the end of Dr. Linus, not stopping at the beach where Jacob’s team is hanging out, but moving on to their original destination, where ever that may be.

I don’t think Whidmore is coming to the island to join Smocke or jacobs team. In the episode Ben and Alex were discussing the 1813 Charter Act which essentially gave control of India into the East India Trading Companies hands. I think Charles is coming to the island with similar intentions. With the backing of Whidmore Industries that has ties to the Hanso Foundation and Paik Industries he is going to try to stage his own coup on the Island. Not realising the battle that is forming between the two factions that are on the island already.

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6 thoughts on “Whidmore

  1. I was kind of curious about how the guy asks Widmore if they should stop and Widmore says to keep going. What were they going to do, dock on a beach with a submarine? Maybe he was asking because Ben was there and he knew his boss wants to kill the little twerp.

  2. I’m pretty certain he’s going to dock at hydra and meet up with Locke. He thinks he can beat locke or join him or something but he definately wants the island back.

  3. I agree with AllGoodThings. I think Widmore has always been working with MIB (whether he was infected, we may actually see a scar from the test, or he thought it was Jacob). He is coming to help get Flocke “home” and I’m sure Flocke promised him eternal youth or access to time travel or something like that. I don’t think he promised him the Island because he promised that to Ben

  4. i think he wants the island for himself sure but i dont think it’s for his company or any type of financial gain, i think it’s just to have his control back as the leader. we are still not clear on how/why ben took over and exiled widmore but im sure that will have some significance to it. as far as if he is on a side, he is either on flocke’s side or if he isnt on flocke’s side he knows that the two sides are ganna be fighting so maybe he thinks it’s a convenient time to have them kill each other then swoop in and take the island to himself

  5. I Agree with Roland…or if not, I assume we’ll find out how Whidmore knew about some of the facts that even Richard seems not to know about the Locke team/Jacob team upcoming struggle.

    I think he is jumping into something he doesn’t fully understand, maybe like he thought he was working for Jacob before being booted off (since MIB couldn’t seeming leave before Jacobs death).

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