ATL Sawyer can’t lie

I’ll have to refer again to something I read on Lostpedia Forum.×08-recon-questions-theories-discussion-t51121p20.html

Someone there noted that Sawyer in the ATL is a very bad at lying. He doesn’t manage to fool Ava, he doesn’t manage to fool Miles and he doesn’t manage to fool Charlotte. Compare this with Island Sawyer, who is an incredible lier according to Not Locke. I don’t know what this means. Cops can’t lie properly?

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5 thoughts on “ATL Sawyer can’t lie

  1. *liar

    He grew up to be a completely different person. Honestly he seems a lot better off in the ALT, everyone does!

    Maybe Jacob’s push is a curse!

  2. You’re right, this is a huge character difference. Something seems very different about Sawyer in the ATL – not just his profession, but something deep down. He seems much more accepting – when Charlotte turned down his overtures (sunflower and a six pack) he just left. Island Sawyer would have found something witty and charming to say and wormed his way into the apartment and her heart.
    Also – I keep wondering why he helped Kate get away at the airport when he is a cop and saw she was in handcuffs – unless, they already knew each other(?)

  3. I think he let Kate go at the airport because he was off duty and he was trying to cover the fact he went to Austrailia.. But then again, i could understand if he just didnt turn her in but he actually HELPED her escape by blocking the other men in the lift.. so that was kinda strange

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