Miles and the Smoke Monster

If the smoke monster was once a man and needs to be replaced by someone on the island for it to get back into balance I think Miles would be a better choice than anyone else. Miles already has some of his attributes. He can read a dead persons last thoughts and be able to judge them. Also, Miles knows when people are lying about stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Miles and the Smoke Monster

  1. interesting thought, but I’m not sure miles is a big enough character for that. They’re not even bothering to show his redemption in the flash sideways.
    It was curious how they focused on Miles looking at the diamonds, but that may just show how people can be corrupted and proves Smokie’s point.

  2. I never thought about this, but it makes sense. I’m guessing whoever takes over for Jacob will get all his powers anyway. But Miles really is too insignificant of a character I think ….I’m pretty sure it will be someone who was on the original 815 crash.

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