The Black Rock

I’ve been hearing that the next episode is Richard based (i dont do any pre-episode research so i dont know) so if this is true then I’m hoping we learn more about The Black Rock and how it got into the ‘middle’ of the island.

So, incase we do learn it next week, i’m curious as to what all your thoughts and theories are about it? 🙂

And because there have been a lot of questions and theories posted since the season premier, i thought id add a bit of light hearted fun to this site 🙂

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23 thoughts on “The Black Rock

  1. SawyersGirl45, as there never seems to be a simple solution to anything in Lost, i wouldnt like to hazard a guess as to how the BR ended up in the middle of the Island. Tidal waves and tsunamis have been suggested which seem plausible but suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

    just a small point that’s completely off topic, why has someone given this thread 1 star?? You’ve posted it in the ‘Fun’ and ‘Debate’ sections and the question you ask is justified. i know ratings mean nothing but whats the point of 1-staring someone? I’ve given it 5 to even things up.

  2. Why thank you 🙂
    Damn you one starers!

    The only reason i really posted this is because i havent posted anything in a while, i was bored, and well… im clueless! haha

  3. I have thought that maybe since we saw the island underwater that it could possibly raise and lower (like a submarine). Threfore, it could have shipwrecked The Black Rock by raising up underneath it.
    Very far-fetched, I agree, but this is the debate section.

  4. okay – I just responded on I_Am_Jacobs question about the statue and its collapse and included my ?ideas? on the Black Rock…and then I found this – shoulda’ put it here instead, my apologies!

    Anyhow, I’m wondering if perhaps the ship didn’t get moved to the middle of the island -but maybe the island moved under the ship. Maybe when it was moved at some point, it relocated underneath the ship (?).

    We don’t yet know if the ship approaching the beach when MIB and Jacob are hangin’ at the campfire was the Black Rock – the enhanced version of that episode calls it a ship, but not by name.

  5. The only two ships we know about are the Black Rock and Rousseau’s…

    Anyways, I do think it was the Black Rock (I just don’t like when people talk about it like they know for sure).

    The island seemed to be normal (i.e. not sinking/disappearing/moving) when MiB and Jacob were shown sitting on the beach watching it approach, so I’m guessing the island didn’t move up under it. A tsunami makes logical sense, but the show isn’t all that logical (considering the island time travels)… plus, then the significance of it being in the middle of the island is lost if it is just due to a natural phenomenon.

    I think that if that boat is the BR, and that Richard was on it, whenever Jacob “touched” Richard, perhaps Jacob himself moved the ship inland to hide it from other groups who would eventually come to approach the island from sea?

    Imagine if the 815ers had crashed on the island and saw a stranded ship there…Ethan and Goodwin posing as Losties wouldn’t have been so “WOW”..because the Losties might have already been expecting people to be on the island.

    Considering how the ship is intact for the most part, I think tsunami, though mundane, is the best guess (excluding supernatural methods)…

    Did anyone notice if there were skeletons on the boat when they went to get the dynamite the first time or when Richard tried to die there??

  6. Moni – Im pretty sure the first time we were inside the BR there was a skeleton in the chains.

    Im still not sure if i like the idea of Richard coming on the BR .. Mainly because people have theorised it for a while and i want the writers to knock my socks off about where he came from *sits there praying*. Im also still having slight doubts about the ship in the incident about being the BR aswel.

    This season hasnt really brought any answers and is kinda lagging so we need something unexpected 🙂

  7. i am gana say the ship in “the incident” was the black rock, and it probably was crashed on purpose by jacob maybe by creating a tsunami and therefor landing in the middle of the island. but i do like the idea of the island moving under the ship not the ship moving on top of the island. but i would love a more interesting explanation

  8. I think the black rock was moved to that location to hide something on the island. Maybe another underground layer with all the answers to every question the island has ever created…. …wishful thinking I know.

  9. I don’t think the island time travel (moved) to snare the ship. Also in the scene on beach the weather was sunny and the sea was calm, so a tsunami is unlikely! Also Jacob brought them here! So it wasn’t just passing. I like the idea of it sat on top of secrets that was good! But it still doesn’t explain how the ship got onto dry land!
    Perhaps they used the statue as a lever with ropes to lift it out the sea to the middle which caused the statue to fall but I hope not cause that would suck!
    This brings me onto another thought where is the rubble from the statue????

  10. Maybe when Locke turned the wheel and send the island “moving” .. The ended up in BR days and the island just appeared under the ship…and crashed and knocked over the statue as well… Haha right.. I know

  11. I’m guessing it will have something to do with the island’s weird pockets of energy. Maybe the energy creates is an attractive force which pulls certain materials towards it. That would expalin how the ship ended up in the middle of the island.

    But I also like your theory, henrygale108 XD
    And yours, PutMeOn815. 😀

  12. Actually henrygale, you laugh but that’s one of the best theories on the subject I’ve heard so far! I was thinking that didnt make sense because of the timing (when the 6 time-traveled, and when we first met the BR and when changes as a result of time-travel events took place) but we saw that even though the bomb went off in the past, the losties are still on the island and nothing there has realy changed, so it’s possible that that is what happened to get the BR in the middle of the island.

    Yea if none of that made any sense to anybody I’ll be happy to rephrase haha because I wrote it and it kind of confuses me

  13. ive thought for a long time that the black rock location was due to a moving of the island, like it did at the end of season 4 (i think?) – it just appeared under it during one of the moves. it could well have been on the otherside of the world at the time.
    i dont know for sure that the ship we saw was the black rock tho, it could have been just one of many, as MIB indicates that it has happened over and over again.
    Im thinking that as travel by ship was the only method of travel over water back then (again, assuming that beach conversation scene was 1800’s) that we might see Jacob appearing to many people all throughout history and “pushing” them towards being on a certain canoe/ship/plane etc..

  14. Well I think it’s safe to say Richard came on the black rock since MIB said to him “It’s nice to finally see you out of those chains”. This may refer to him being one of the prisoners on the black rock

  15. Ok. MIB and Jacob have an arguement on the beach. MIB gets all angry and that and becomes smokie. It rips the statue off its plinth and hurls it into the sea causing a tidal wave that in turn brings the boat onto the island!

  16. waycurious .. i think im gonna need you to explain that.. im pretty sure thats what we’ve seen though season 6 😉

    bangoskank – i think thats quite optimistic lol! If only everything was that simple! But who knows.. Maybe you are infact right 🙂

  17. I think Bangoskank is pretty close, but its not a tidal wave…

    MIB gets pissed at Jacob and turns the donkey wheel immediately after leaving the beach, to throw a wrench in the plan… only to find out quickly that the island only moved to a point where it was directly centered on the ship! (maybe not the same ship?)

  18. We will learn tonight: (total guess-no spoiler)
    ****-almost positive
    *-not sure

    Why Richard Doesn’t age.****

    How the Black Rock got to the middle of the island?***

    We will see more of the beach scene with Jacob and MIB and what happens next.***

    A brief history on the island and the many people that have come there though the years.***

    where the statue and temple came from.**

    What happened to ben after sayid shot him.**

    Who really was influencing Richard wile he was with the others- Jacob or MIB.**

    Where Richard gets his guyliner from.*

  19. As for my predictions about the richard episode:

    Why Richard Doesn’t age. – * Jacob gave him a gift

    How the Black Rock got to the middle of the island? * a tsunami type of wave knocked it into the middle of the island

    We will see more of the beach scene with Jacob and MIB and what happens next. *not on the beach but yes we do see a follow up conversation sitting on a log.

    A brief history on the island and the many people that have come there though the years. *Jacob spoke about how their have been many people that came to the island

    where the statue and temple came from.* We have to assume that this was one of the previous people jacob called to the island

    What happened to ben after sayid shot him.* nope

    Who really was influencing Richard wile he was with the others- Jacob or MIB. *We see Richard side with Jacob and become his Consigliere(in the mafia an advisor to the boss).

    6 out of 7.

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